307 Cedar St. - Bank
Address: 307 Cedar Street
Coordinates: C,3 - 7
Owner: Umpqua Banking
Type: Public Service - Banking



Carefully manicured bushes line the sidewalks that lead up to the bank. A single tree, its branches full and wide, provides a source of shade towards the entrance to the single storey building. Two cement paths lead to the building from the street sidewalk and from the parking area. On the corner of the building closest to the parking area is a walk up ATM machine. The rest of the wall of the front of the building is dominated by tinted windows and the white steel framed door that is all glass in the middle. The bank's logo and hours information are painted right on that glass.


The lobby of the bank is kept clean and spartan so that there is no place to really hide untoward doings. Across the lobby from the entry is a counter that spans the entire building. Chest height standing counter with the bank's employees on the other side ready to help with any transactions. Several black metal posts with retractable 'ropes' can be arranged in different formations to create different queue lines for different bankteller locations along the high counter. Along the windows on the entry side of the bank are a few open desks with bankers seated at them to aid with more lengthy assistance. Tucked away into a nook is the Bank Manager's 'office'. Close to that nook is a hallway that leads back to the vault and security deposit boxes. Also along that corridor is a door that many of the residents of Mythic Wood can't see and just don't notice. It is a purple door with a Dragot embedded in the door above a peephole. Inside that special room is a bank teller that will exchange money from Muggle to Wizarding or deposit items in magical vaults deep within caves under the town.


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