Cedar St. at 3rd St.

C,3 - Cedar Street at 3rd Street

Cedar Street runs north and south and it intersects with 3rd Street which heads to the east and west in a plus (+) shape here. Along the street, lamps that are hung with baskets of flowers and seasonal banners that all have Mythic Wood and Cedar Street on them illuminating the area quite well after dusk. Wrought iron numbers of the corner addresses are nailed into the posts at eye-level if driving. A small and easily overlooked building on the southwest corner really doesn't look like anything special but for some strange glass looking baubles in the window. They might draw a bit of attention to the gold lettering on the glass of 'Mythic Wood Museum'. While the building on the southeast side of the intersection is the same size as the museum it's the vibrant green and purple paint job that makes a Pet Groomer and Shop really stand out at all angles. In more of the 50s industrial style of architecture is the town bank to the northwest. A strange for the area 'mission style' architecture on the northeast corner houses the local hardware store.

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