203 Cedar St. - Used Car Lot
Address: 203 Cedar Street
Coordinates: C,2 - 3
Owner: Owner
Type: Commercial
Property Value
Resources ●● (Comfortable)
Cost of Services
Resources ●● (Comfortable)



Behind a wide sidewalk and cement poles approximately 2 feet high, are rows of used cars and trucks. The hoods of the first row of cars are all up, with tall signs of white and red which read "Save" and "Sale". Tall lights surround the lot at various intervals, ready to shine a light down on the lot. There are all different kinds of cars and trucks here, older and newer models mixed in with one another. Strung between the tall light poles are buntings with various colored flags on white rope. A driveway leads to the lot, with a chain strung between them when the business is closed. At the back of the lot is a white concrete building with a sign that says, "Office" in black letters.


The walls of the main office are covered in wood paneling, and the floors in white linoleum. The low ceiling has bright flourescent lights that barely seem to bring any light to the office. Two metal desks sit on either side of the office with several filing cabinets filling one wall completely. Stacks of paper and files are piled high on each desk, rubber bands keeping most of them closed. Old computers with even older buying and tracking programs on them sit next to those stacks of paper. There is another office to the left of the door with a plaque which announces it's the manager's office. It also has a computer, but the stacks of paperwork all seem to make their way to the desks of the other two employees. Large, tan pots with rubber plants are in each corner of the office, the tall plants almost reach the ceiling.


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