201 Cedar St. - First Church of the Holy Revelation
Address: 201 Cedar Street
Coordinates: C,2 - 1
Owner: Reverend Jonah Peterson
Type: Public Service - Religion
Property Value
Resources ●● (Comfortable)
Cost of Services
Resources X (Destitute)



The classic white vinyl exterior is kept pristine and clean with something near reverence. The red door leading into the front of the church is reached by a small wood landing. The small sign outside is modest and the building is old and proven so by the size of the shrubbery outside. A tiny steeple rests atop its shingled roof in a call back to the church bells but this one itself has none. There is a second entrance and kept for the pastor and those seeking him directly.

The green church lawn is expansive at the back with a few picnic tables for the weekend church gatherings and festivals.



The interior has a small foyer for those elders greeting incoming flock. Thin runners mark the way down the central aisle towards the steepled front of the church. Pews rest on either side of the runner that goes up to the pedestal at the front, allowing for a decent sized congregation with a place for the choir off to the right at the same level. The wood of the church is mostly oak, with the decorations modestly afforded for. The front has its central table for baptisms and communion with a podium to the side. There are seats for elders who will read and the altar boys. The back door to the pastor’s room can be seen.


Reverend Jonah Peterson Reverend Jonah Peterson
Founder & Preacher


Mayor George Weatherall Mayor George Weatherall


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