108 Cedar St. - Eos Corporate Headquarters
Address: 108 Cedar Street
Coordinates: C,1 - 8
Owner: Cassidy Soldahl
Type: Commercial - Corporate Headquarters
Property Value
Resources ●●●● (Affluent)
Cost of Services
Resources ●● (Comfortable)



An ultra-modern architecture holds the corporate headquarters of the technology company, Eos. The most prominent wing of the building is a circular shape supported by steel pillars to sit atop a square, glass base. The circle structure expands slightly as it nears the roof, like an inverted cone. Its surface has the appearance of black bands, crowned by a large sign in the shape of the Eos logo. Wide, rectangular windows are set into the curved walls in a seemingly random, yet artistic arrangement. The back half of the campus is a single-story concrete wing with more wide windows along its outer walls. The entire headquarters rests in the middle of an expansive green lawn and is reached by a long driveway that leads down into an underground parking structure.


The lobby of the main wing is a large, open space filled with natural light. It is designed to allow the employees of the company to openly share thoughts and ideas with each other and visitors. Throughout the lobby are comfortable chairs and couches, round tables for casual meetings and collaboration, even video game stations. At the far end of this space is an open cafeteria with long booths and an in-house cafe. There are HD monitors and holographic displays all over, showing off many of Eos's latest projects and innovations, giving the sense of being on the brink of the future.

Two sets of stairs and elevators lead down to the parking structure, and up to the administrative floors where the corporate offices are located. The top floor contains the suites of the executive officers. These floors can only be accessed via a combination of a biometric optical scan and security code.

An equally secure set of doors at the back of the lobby lead to the rear wing of the campus, which can also be reached by a special elevator and staircase from the administrative floors. This wing contains the Research & Development Department, where Eos's top minds create the technology of tomorrow. R&D is a series of labs and workshops which are constantly being reconfigured to fit the needs of new projects.


Cassidy Soldahl Cassidy Soldahl
Kyle Rankin Kyle Rankin
Jen Yeun Jen Yeun


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