107 Cedar St. - Open Lot
Address: 107 Cedar Street
Coordinates: C,1 - 7
Owner: Owner
Type: Unzoned Land: Commercial & Residential
Property Value
Resources ●●● (Prosperous)
Cost of Services
Resources X (Destitute)



The open lot here on Cedar Street has been allowed to grow a little wild. The grasses have easily reached to the height of an adult waist while the saplings have been busy digging in to provide a young canopy for those adventurous enough to go amongst them. Closer to the street, the foliage thins out a little, only going so high as a dozen inches. The growth is fairly thick throughout the lot.


The open lot here on Cedar Street has been allowed to grow wild. The ground uneven with small hillocks here and there. The grass all throughout the lot can easily reach up to a couple feet in height while the saplings that have been eking out a living here provide the beginning of a canopy. The trees are all less than five inches in diameter, though they try to make up for girth with their height.


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