Address: Oregon Coast, just south of Cape Arago
Coordinates: Beach
Owner: Oregon Parks and Recreation
Type: Parks and Recreation


The beach stretches to the north and south, gradually turning in on itself to create a cove. Many spots on the beach are rocky and made impassable on foot unless cliff climbing is done. The tan sand is littered in various places with rocks and grass patches. The ocean in all its rolling, crashing and lapping glory fill the area with its sounds, echoing off the gentle hills and tall cliffs that surround the beach. Rocky outcroppings in the water spire upwards only to disappear in splashing foam. When the tide is low the beach extends well away from the cliffs, but at high tide, there is very little sand to walk on. Much of the cove is rather shallow and when the tide is low, thousands upon thousands of little mounds of sand with holes in the center are peppered all over the beach. Clams aplenty!

The Morningstar River empties out into the ocean towards the southern area of the beach. While the Pacific Ocean fills up the cove and spreads out to the horizon to the west.


On the other side of a rock outcropping, and hidden during high tide, this cave is set into a corner of the rock. Stalactites hang from the entrance, almost a menacing look of a monster daring anyone to enter. Inside the cave is rocky with the heavy scent of seawater and fish. The rear of the cave starts upwards, leading to a flat space that is high enough to keep people dry at high tide. A ring of rock with burnt wood in the middle shows that someone has camped here before.


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