409 Birch St. - Mythic Records
Address: 409 Birch Street
Coordinates: B,4 - 9
Owner: Mercy Morgan
Type: Business
Property Value
Resources ●● (Comfortable)
Cost of Services
Resources ●● (Comfortable)



A narrow shop set among a string of other businesses. Above the windows, a once colorful but now faded sign declares the store's low prices on LPs and CDs, promising to buy, sell, and trade. Neon signs in the windows make similar claims. A signboard hangs perpendicular over the sidewalk, reading "Mythic Records & Memorabilia" in bold, blue lettering. In the window displays is a small variety of albums, special boxed sets, musician biographies, and other enticing merchandise.

Shop Interior

The shop is longer than it is wide, making it larger than it seems on the outside. Brick walls stretch deep, with only a small portion of the back separated by a wooden wall and doorway to an office and storeroom. Just inside the front door on the right-hand side is the cash register, sitting on a display case filled with music memorabilia, from signed photographs to statuettes to items supposedly belonging to famous musicians. Other pieces of music history are displayed throughout the store, most with a price tag on them. Sturdy wooden shelves, painted black, line the walls and form an island in the center — all teeming with vinyl LP records. Most are quite old, though some are recent, thanks to some renewed interest in the retro format. A creaky staircase against one wall leads up to a loft balcony that hangs over half of the shop, where the CDs, cassettes, and even a shelf of old 8-tracks live.


<Description of Private residence above the next door's vacant shop.>


Mythic Wood is an eclectic blend of the very modern and relics of days gone by. One such relic that has persisted against all odds is a little record store on Birch Street called Mythic Records & Memorabilia. While the world moved on to buy their music online, and even giants like Sam Goody were closing stores all over the country, this hole-in-the-wall held on, sustained by local support for small businesses and a handful of vinyl collectors. But when Eos set up shop in Mythic Wood and wired the whole town for the Internet, business started dropping off. Its doors closed in 2018 when the owner, Eddie, succumbed to lung cancer.

Those doors remained closed for a few months until a stranger arrived. Though paper had been put up in the windows, locals saw the lights on, and caught occasional glimpses of some woman with platinum blonde hair coming and going, and rummaging around inside. Though a few suspected a thief or vagrant, the authorities gave assurances that there is nothing illegal afoot.

At present, the store remains closed, but a hand-written sign on the door states that it will be reopening soon.


Mercy Morgan Mercy Morgan
Mercy inherited Mythic Records from her Uncle Eddie in early 2019. She's not exactly a small town girl, but she is finding her place there. She certainly has a deep love of music and her knowledge of music history is almost as extensive as her late uncle's was.
Eddie Morgan Eddie Morgan
Former Owner (Deceased)
Eddie and his brother, Casper, were among the first generation born to the hippies that founded Haven. Eddie opened Mythic Records back in 1987 at the young age of 19 and ran it faithfully until he succumbed to lung cancer in late 2018.


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