407 Birch St. - Mandy B's Boutique
Address: 407 Birch Street
Coordinates: B,4 - 7
Owner: Owner
Type: Commercial - Clothier Service & Retail
Property Value
●● Comfortable ($$)
Cost of Services
●● Comfortable ($$)



Well kept windows adorn the front wall of this shop, the sills of the windows pressing out from the front wall of the building in order to provide a small stage for the mannequins to display various outfits people can buy. Only a small indentation beneath the overhang in the middle of the windows breaks up the front, like a runway for potential shoppers to enter and exit the store. Above, the wall is made of blue wooden slats that lead down to that blue and pink striped overhang. Brick picks up the weight of the wall beneath the windows until they meet the sidewalk. One small portion is partially hidden behind a well-used park bench. On either side of the doorway, the windows are adorned with the store's name in stylized lettering. The door itself has a flip sign upon it with the store hours and, depending on the time of day or night, welcomes all or asks them to return.


The shop opens up to a long counter on one side of the front door, on top of which is a register on the edge nearest the door. The main floor of the shop is awash in carefully placed racks that show off various articles of clothing, from pants to shirts to dresses, many of which are arranged by size and color. The occasional flat top display is perched in strategic locations in order to offer up suggested accessories for an outfit. The walls on either side of the storehouse long racks of clothing with male on one side and female situated on the other. Up above both sides of the wall are many hats and bags that are also all for sale.

In a back room are many more racks containing bolts of fabric that the local masters might use in their trade for a paying customer. A couple workstations with low counters are set up in the back corners, strewn with tools of the trade, that allow for pieces to be worked upon right here in the store. A couple small dressing rooms are nestled between the workstations so customers can try on their purchases before buying.


Mandy B. Mandy B.
Owner & Seamstress


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