403 Birch St. - Crane's Bakery
Address: 403 Birch Street
Coordinates: B,4 - 3
Owner: For Sale
Type: Commercial
Property Value
Resources ●● (Comfortable)
Cost of Services
Resources ● (Poor)



Outside of the bakery in front of the shop is a small bit of parking space alongside the street. Lights line the sidewalk near the business, giving off plenty of illumination even at night. The shops hours are posted on a sign at the door and a blue and orange sign depicting a crane hangs at the top of the building above the door. A long blue awning stretches across the front of the shop giving a bit of shade to those on the sidewalk.


The smell of fresh baked bread and pastries fills the air inside this small bakery. The floor is done in polished oak wood and the walls painted in a cheerful pale yellow color that gives an open and welcoming feel. A long glass counter with various sweets and baked goods held inside it runs along two sides of the shop forming a half square shape. A large board behind the counters lists the shop's menu which consists of not only sweets like pastries, turnovers, and doughnuts but also freshly baked bread and savory pastries with various combinations of vegetables, meat, and cheese. There is plenty of room for people to line up and purchase things, a cash register is placed off to one side out of the way. A large window near the door looks out from the shop onto the street and a glass door sits beside it allowing passage in and out of the shop.

On the opposite side of the shop are numerous tables and chairs for people to either eat their bought bakery items in a nice homey sit down setting. Or breakfast and lunch items can be ordered off of the menu and receive table-side service.


  • Bagel $0.99 1/2 Dozen Bagels $5.79 With Cream Cheese $2.09
  • Croissant $1.49
  • Donut $0.99 1/2 Dozen $5.79 Dozen $9.99
  • Muffin $1.69 4 Muffins $5.99

Restaurant Menu

Side Dishes

  • 3 Buttermilk Dollar Pancakes. Gluten Free Available
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Dish of Fresh Seasonal Fruit
  • Fresh Baked Muffin Selection: (Zucchini-Nut, Chocolate, Berry, Bran-Nut, Corn, Gluten-Free, Lemon Poppy, Pineapple Coconut)
  • Garden Green or Spinach Salad
  • Hash Brown Potatoes
  • Soup of the Day
  • Toast: (White, Wheat, Sourdough, Rye, Hazelnut, Biscuit, English Muffin and Gluten-Free Bread)


Three Large Eggs To Order With 2 Sides and…
  • Bacon and Cheddar $11.00
  • Bacon, Spinach, and Bleu Cheese $11.00
  • Breaded Steak Topped with your choice of Sausage Gravy or Cream Sauce $12.15
  • Cheddar and Swiss Cheeses $9.70
  • Cheddar Cheese $9.70
  • Chopped Ham $9.70
  • Ham and Cheddar $11.00
  • Ham Steak $11.00
  • Mushroom and Cheddar $11.00
  • Pepper Jack Cheese - Topped with Tomato, Sliced Avocado and Sour Cream $11.65
  • Sausage (2 Patties or 5 Links) $11.00
  • Spicy Italian Sausage $12.15
  • Vegetable and Swiss Cheese $11.00
  • Western Style Ham, Peppers, Onion, and Cheddar $11.00

Pancakes & Waffles & Specialties

  • Bacon Bit Waffle $8.00
  • Belgian Waffle $5.85
  • Biscuits n’ Gravy 6 half biscuits $9.60 4 half biscuits $7.05 Meat Free Gravy Available Add $1.00
  • Blueberry Waffle with whipped cream $9.15
  • Buckwheat Pancakes 3 Cakes $6.80 2 Cakes $5.50
  • Buttermilk Pancakes 3 Cakes $6.80 2 Cakes $5.50
  • Cinnamon Apple Waffle with whipped cream $9.15
  • Cornmeal Pancakes 3 Cakes $6.80 2 Cakes $5.50
  • Crepe (Plain) 3 Cakes $6.80 2 Cakes $5.50
  • Croissant French Toast $7.80
  • French Toast 6 half slices $8.80 4 half slices $6.50
  • Ham Bit Waffle $8.00
  • Pecan Waffle $8.00
  • Pecan Waffle A La Mode with Chocolate Syrup $9.55
  • Potato Pancakes 3 Cakes $9.60 2 Cakes $7.15
  • Strawberry Waffle with whipped cream $9.15
  • Swedish Pancake (Plain) 3 Cakes $6.80 2 Cakes $5.50


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