401 Birch St. - Gas Station and Auto Body Works
Address: 401 Birch Street
Coordinates: B,4 - 1
Owner: Butch Young / Iron Brigade
Type: Business - Gas & Auto Repair
Property Value
Resources ●● (Comfortable)
Cost of Services
Resources ● (Poor)



A wooden building that has been painted with a fresh coat of white paint, with red borders along the roofline, and yellow borders along the bottom and around the door. An overhang extends from the main building over two vintage 1940s era gas pumps, a garbage can, and a black bucket containing some blue fluid and a squeegee. Large windows at the corner of the store lead to a door for the small food store and cashier. To the rear of the building are two large garage bay doors, as well as a rocky lot with several cars in various states of repair. While the entire business looks like it's a time warp back to the 1940s, everything has been updated and uses modern technology.


Just inside and nestled in the corner next to the entryway door is a long red and white counter, extending almost to the end of the wall. Behind the counter are stacks of cigarettes, cigars, and other tobacco products. On top of the counter are two vintage cash registers, along with various small products such as gum, and candy bars in promotional displays. Much like the pumps outside, the things and decor inside look like a time warp into the 1940s, but it's all a shell that contains completely modern technology. To the right are a series of shelves carrying various food products designed to take on the road such as potato chips, candy, and other items. Along the back wall are large refrigerators containing sodas, juices, bottled water, and food products that need to be kept cold. A door at the back of the store leads to a hallway with restrooms, stock room, and an entry into the back garage.

Repair Garage

Two vehicle lifts occupy the center of the garage in front of large garage bay doors. Large lights in the ceiling illuminate a room that smells of oil, rubber, and all manner of chemical fluids. Rolling chests filled with tools dot the garage here and there, sitting alongside stacks of tires, and shelves filled with replacement parts. In one corner sits a series of welding canisters, and in another are bins of small clamps, screws, wingnuts, and other small items. The floor is covered in grease stains, dirt, and old oil spills.


Butch Young Butch Young


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