309 Birch St. - Flower Nursery
Address: 309 Birch Street
Coordinates: B,3 - 9
Owner: Penelope Parker
Type: Business - Retail - Flora
Property Value
Resources ●● (Comfortable)
Cost of Services
Resources ● (Poor)



This is a larger lot than most of the other businesses in town. The cinderblock building has been whitewashed to give it a clean look, and along each of the sides are beautiful and bright flowers in decorative flower boxes. Wide and tall glass pane windows bring in light into the building, and wide metal lights give the area a cool look at night. To one side of the building is a fenced in dirt yard. The fencing itself is 8 feet tall with large boulder rocks at even intervals along the bottom. Inside the yard are rows upon rows of blooming flowers, herbs, and beautiful green plants. In the back of the yard are stacks of potting soil, fertilizer, rolled up houses, and mulch. Running alongside the building are bins filled with rocks of all kinds designed to provide a decorative look to any garden.


The interior of the store is filled with beautiful flowers and green plants. The air is thick with the perfume of the many different kinds of flowers. There are two fridges that contain pre-wrapped flowers for all occasions. The shop also sells seeds of all manner, broken down into proper seasons, as well as herb seeds for the aspiring chef. Behind the counter is a set of stairs, leading down underground, a chain across the banister and wall blocking the way. A small sign hangs from the chain stating, "No Entry" and another that says, "Seed Vault Below". At the bottom of the stairs is a steel door with what appears to be an elaborate security system.

Seed Vault

The bottom of the stairs ends on a stone floor and a cool tinge to the atmosphere. To the right of the stairs are several parkas of varying sizes and colors, available to be used by those that come here. They sit next to a desk with a series of large books, and a computer with a blinking green square in it. The basement itself is large, much larger than the building above. There are several hallways leading off in various directions, and well-lit hallways reveal metal signs with numbers and arrows on them. Steel vaults are interspaced evenly in the hallways, each of them with a number above the locked door, and a digital temperature gauge to the left. Inside each vault sits several shelves with cases on each. In each case, there are heat-sealed silver packets with a seed name on it, a barcode, and a series number. Each case is unique within the several vaults.


The Nursery owner and Seed Library caretaker is an anti-GMO activist. So all the seeds will produce flowers and fruit that are reproducible.


Kristin Chastity Kristin Chastity
An warm-hearted employee who has been at the shop for about 10 years. She has a love for plants and flowers, and helps run the day to day operations. She always has a smile on her face and dirt under her fingers.


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