301 Birch St. - Shop & Loft
Address: 301 Birch Street
Coordinates: B,3 - 1
Owner: Owner
Type: Commercial & 2 Bed, 1 Bath Residential
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Standing two stories high and built out of soft red bricks, stands 301 Birch St. This brick row styled building is the last on its row, having an exposed left side that is used as overflow parking with a large mural painted on the side, hinting at older days and what once was. In a large black frame, it reads in white letters, “Bickers and Sons – Upholstery and Carpentry” the paint has long since faded and worn weather across the second story. A simple brown door sits next to the left side, leading up to the residential loft, while the two large panes of glass, showcasing the store’s goods are framed by chipped and weather white paint. A large heavy wooden door sits in the center, with metal fancy numbering that reads, 301, though it has long since been painted over the baby blue that is the door, along with the mail slot. Above the first-floor windows, is a set of smaller, glass windows for lighting and on the second story, three large windows peers out onto the street, with “1915 Madison” in faded colors above the first the middle one, a testament of its time and the ones who built it.

Business Interior

Old brown carpet lines the floors, from corner to corner, small drops of paints hide around the corners and around the radiator, showing a wide variety of colors, from whites to blue to the current dark brown with a green accent wall. The ceiling an older popcorn style is left unpainted though hints of paint from a careless brush can be seen in certain spots and have been attempted to be covered up with various shades of white. A mixed array of lighting illuminates the areas venturing on a trip through the ages, from the early 50s to all the way to the late 90s. Large wooden display cases, line the floor, with glass and various stains and few signs of sticker residue clinging to them. Hanging loosely next to the door sits not one but two different security panels, but only, the top one, light up, with the words “ERROR COM”.

Residence Interior

Atop the old creaking oak stairs is a large loft. Scarred and patched hardwood floors run wall to wall, with signs of over a hundred years of wear and the bare minimum of maintenance. In each room, a large, radiator sits in the corner, while box fans sit on the floor next to the windows. The walls have been painted an off white while the old popcorn ceiling is white with a tinge of yellow from age and smokers. The living room seems to be the main feature of this loft, extending over half size, with a knee-high rail guard protecting someone from falling down the stairs. The kitchen off of it appears to be someone’s failed attempt to modernize this living space, with an awkwardly removed wall to create an ‘open’ floor plan, dented mismatched stainless steel appliances and a fake granite countertop. A small archway separates the other two rooms, a small bathroom that looks like it was taken out of a 50’s movie, beat up clawfoot tub, wall hung toilet and a pedestal sink. Each an off white, with dinged and damaged bits, revealing a dark grayish color. The other room, the bedroom, is a generously spaced room, it once was two much smaller rooms, opened into one large room. With windows looking out onto the back of the building and the parking on the side, an old beat up door leads to a decent sized deck area, with a few hanging plants and an old beat up patio table and chair.

Occupants and Employees

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