209 Birch St. - Confection Alley
Address: 209 Birch Street
Coordinates: B,2 - 9
Owner: Owner
Type: Commercial and Residential
Property Value
Resources ●●● (Prosperous)
Cost of Services
Resources ●● (Comfortable)

While this business it technically up for sale. It must remain named the same and a confectionary. Please see the Occupants section for further details.



Describe the exit that goes into the location.


Describe the main room of the location.

Occupants and Employees

The owner of this store is a third generation confectioner that has created and sold candies, chocolates, and ice cream. Along with his wife, they have been a community staple for 80 years. They used to live upstairs in the apartment above the business, however, the wife's health has them moved into the local nursing home. But he still makes daily trips to the shop to make sure everything is going well. Also, he is on the look-out for a predecessor to take over the business.

(( This predecessor can be outside of the family. Or if desired this couple is open for relationships and a child of theirs can take over the business. ))

Soenso Smith Soenso Smith
Relationship Explaination.


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