201 Birch St. - Bellwether Books & Knight Residence
Address: 201 Birch Street
Coordinates: B,2 - 1
Owner: Reginald Tiberius Knight
Type: Commercial and Residential
Property Value
Resources ●●● (Prosperous)
Cost of Services
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Sitting on the southwest corner of Birch and 2nd Street, the historical building presents a rounded corner to the street. Tan stucco is complimented with red columns and window borders of white and red. Large three-paned windows on the second floor stand above arched windows below. Double doors sit below arched windows on the corner of the building, leading to the interior. The top of the building is crowned with decorative stucco railing of arches and shields, a white line at the bottom separating it from the rest of the building. There is a decorative marquee above the door, as well as a smaller hinged wooden sign hanging from a cast-iron rod that juts from the building, both identifying the property as "Bellwether Books", and displaying their logo of a sheep standing in a field of heather and gorse with a belled collar around its neck—done in cozy pastel colors.


The floor is made of a light colored wood, surrounded by tan walls with white borders. Along the right wall is a long wood and glass display counter with several shelves inside, each filled with an assortment of rare books, some odd curios, and whatever the family had baked for that day's customers. Two cash registers sit in the middle of the counter (one looking rather antique) and shelved walls sit atop a separate counter behind, lined with more books, and home to a couple coffee pots and a tea-kettle.

In the center of the store are several rows of bookshelves, a few leftover clothing racks with articles like hats, scarves, and messenger bags—and a comfortably furnished reading nook, with a few thick-cushioned chairs, a love seat, and some more cushions spread over a toe-wriggle-inviting rug on the floor. It looks almost as if a cozy living room has been placed in the middle of the shop. A hallway at the back of the store leads to some now mostly defunct dressing rooms, bathrooms, and a set of stairs leading up to the second floor. One of the dressing rooms provides a private, lockable entrance to a smaller section of the shop set aside for purely magical books, tomes, and items.

Upstairs Residence

The apartment above the business is a wide open loft, with hooded lights hanging down from 10-foot ceilings. In one corner is a full-sized kitchen complete with a stainless steel refrigerator, gas-powered oven and range, microwave, and dishwasher. Granite white countertops contrast distinctly against the dark wood cabinets and drawers. It's clear that the residence has gone through some adaptations due to the side-effects of a wizarding household living in a modern world. Much of the lighting during the day is provided by the rows of large windows against the exterior wall, while several oil and gas lamps in sconces on the walls provide lighting during the evening. There is a gas lamp on the bar in the kitchen, as well as one nestled on the coffee table in the living area.

The rest of the loft is furnished with some extremely comfortable looking leather furniture, including two couches and a love-seat placed atop a huge, cozy looking floor rug dyed a deep brown, with red brick walls and chestnut brown wood floors framing the large space. Against the wall facing the couches is a large entertainment center with an equally large television, mostly for show, as it doesn't always work. At the back of the loft is a door leading to a full-sized bathroom with an oversized bathtub and two sinks with oval mirrors under domed lights.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is home to a king sized bed with a good size walkway of thick brown wall to wall carpet. A walk-in closet is separated from the main area by accordion style doors. From the ceiling hangs a large, semi-ornate chandelier composed of gas lamps and frosted glass. All along one wall are tall, wide-paned windows, providing abundant light during the day. On the opposite side of the room from the walk-in closet is an en suite full bathroom.

Large Bedroom

The large bedroom has been furnished with a full bed with far too many pillows and at least one extra blanket. The old Berber beige wall to wall carpet has been torn up to reveal the hardwood floor underneath (this was easier to keep clean in an artist's room). A walk-in closet is separated from the main area by accordion style doors. Along one of the walls is a dresser, with the other (longer) wall being home to a rather expensive looking light table, a drawing desk, and a medium-sized easel off to one side. Gas lamps supplement the light table, owing to the fact that it doesn't always work. Along one wall are a couple large paned windows, providing abundant light during the day. Semi-organized rows and boxes of colorful charcoals and paints are spread across the drawing desk, as well as spilling out of a small pack that usually rests on the floor near the desk.

Small Bedroom

The smallest bedroom has been converted to a guest room/reading room, with several large bookshelves housing the family's collection of both magical and non-magical literature. Though the room is mostly crowded with bookshelves along two of the three walls, room is made for a large paned window to provide light during the day, while a small gas lamp sits on a bedside table, next to a twin-sized bed in a cozy wooden frame.

Occupants and Employees

Siobhan Knight Siobhan Knight
Siobhan lives in the loft apartment above the shop with her husband Reginald and their daughter Saoirse. She also manages Bellwether Books.
Reginald Knight Reginald Knight
Reginald lives in the loft apartment above the shop with his wife Siobhan and their daughter Saoirse.
Saoirse Knight Saoirse Knight
Saoirse helps her mother mind the shop on weekday evenings and some weekends (when she's not exploring the local woodlands), usually with an open textbook and a bit of homework at the front desk. She also occupies the larger bedroom in the loft apartment upstairs.


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