101 Birch St. - Canary Cottage Residence
Address: 101 Birch Street
Coordinates: B,1 - 1
Owner: Owner
Type: 2 Bed, 1 Bath Residential
Property Value
Resources ●● (Comfortable)



The little Canary Cottage is a quaint two bedroom with one full bath single family craftsman home. The exterior is wood panel siding that is canary yellow with trimming done in forest green. A large deck perfect for entertaining occupies most of the backyard. The small fenced in front yard is accented with a large and unique Monkey Tree.


The interior of this homely cottage has an attached living area where it's all open concept. One far side of the room contains a dishwasher, sink, fridge, and the other amenities usual in a kitchen. A window opens just over the sink to shed light and provide a view of the backyard porch, accessible by the sliding glass door just beside the kitchen. The other half of the room is taken up by a duet of couches facing a flat-screen TV, with a table placed just in front of them that doubles as the dining room table. The walls are all wood lined and the floor is covered in a worn out orange carpet. Hunting Trophies dot the walls, a stuffed buck here, a stuffed doe there, and even a set of bears paws. There is a pair of doors near the bedrooms that lead into the full sized bathroom, and down into the basement.

Master Bedroom

Wooden paneling lines the walls of this large bedroom, while a light orange worn carpet covers the floor. The primary feature in this room is the ornate antique nightstand, with a large oval mirror set up just beside the one small window. There is a tiny closet opposite it, and a double bed that has some heavy blankets and a knitted quilt takes up the center of the room. There are few personal possessions, blank spaces on the walls where sun-fading shows pictures used to hang.

Large Bedroom

The large bedroom has enough space for a queen sized bed with pretty good size walkway of a Berber beige wall to wall carpet. A walk-in closet is separated from the main area by accordion style doors. If a smaller sized bed or much smaller multiple beds were in place, there would be plenty of space for a dresser, vanity, entertainment center, those sort of things along the whitewashed walls.


Wooden paneling lines the walls of this small study, while a light orange worn carpet covers the floor. A variety of bookshelves taking up the rest of the wall space with all manner of classical works and literature, from bodice-rippers to horror to mystery and adventure. Its almost all fiction. There is a small desk that has been transformed into a workbench, with a comfy plush chair in front of it. There is a single window just in front of the desk for reading or working, and the small room has little else in the way of furniture.


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