409 Alder St. - Barber Shop
Address: 409 Alder Streeet
Coordinates: A,4 - 9
Owner: For Sale
Type: Commercial - Barber / Grooming
Property Value
Resources ●● (Comfortable)
Cost of Services
Resources ● (Poor)



A corner shop and an older building than those surrounding it. It is built out of wood that has been painted a dark green, the vertical slats rising up a single floor and disappearing underneath a wooden crown of the same color. At the corner of the building are large pane glass windows atop a red brick base that extends along one side all the way to the next business. There is a single door where the building turns the corner, with a red and white barber pole next to it. A sign in the window, the same red and white color, attests to the business being open or not.


Walls of dark wood at the bottom and light wood at the top, along with a wood floor painted a light blue sit around and beneath large, pane glass windows. The barber stations are beautifully crafted marble and wood counters and cabinets. Large rectangular mirrors have smooth wood frames, and smoked glass lamps hang from the ceilings over each leather and wood chair. Along the shelves and counters are various barbering scissors, brushes, and balms that are all well cared for. The cabinets on each side of the mirror hold the more exotic items that are rarely used, saved for certain scalps or hair. There are also comfortable chairs surrounding a coffee table for those that are waiting for their turn to get a haircut, along with an old radio playing old music. Pictures hang on the walls, showing customers from the original days when the barbershop was new.


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