407 Alder St. - Rocklin Lumber Mill
Address: 407 Alder Street
Coordinates: A,4 - 7
Owner: Rocklin Family
Type: Commercial
Cost of Services
Resources ● (Poor)



If it weren't for the lumber mill, Mythic Wood would barely be a blip on the map. It is your typical mill with a large factory-like building made entirely of metal siding with tin roof. A large log pond is on the north side of the property. Erosion over the century since the mill was originally located has seen to the cliff face along the ocean shore has crept up pretty close to the edge of the mill's property line. In the parking lot are a few lumber hauling trucks and many log transport trucks fresh from the Rocklin Lumber Camp up in the east hills.


Brightly painted hazard yellow steel contraptions are everywhere. A maze of concrete paths are laid out for the human operators of the machines. In one corner elevated up like a huge box bolted to the roof with a steep steel ladder of stairs goes up to the office area of the factory. The scent of cut wood overpowering inside the lumber mill. The company mostly handles the business via on-line communication and orders. But it is possible for a local to come to the parking lot and speak to the manager about buying some wood for a project.


Everett Rocklin Everett Rocklin
Everett inherited the company from his father, Abraham Rocklin, in 1999. Apart from going away to business school, he has worked for the company his entire life, from pulling chain and working the saws to the upstairs offices, he knows every facet of the mill's business.
Dave Callahan Dave Callahan
Dave has worked for the company since 2001.


Logs that take place at Rocklin Lumber Mill


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