404 Alder St. - The Bachelor Club
Address: 404 Alder Street
Coordinates: A,4 - 4
Owner: Lenny Milano
Type: Business - Entertainment
Property Value
Resources ●● (Comfortable)
Cost of Services
Resources ● (Poor)



The streetlights on this particular section of road are a bit dimmer, less maintained than other areas of town. It gives the area a slightly seedy appearance once the sun sets. Music can often be heard coming from inside the club and there is plenty of parking space around the business for both the bikers who protect this area and those who drive more traditional vehicles. The occasional bit of trash is found here and there in the parking spaces often left by those too drunk to remember litter laws.


Dim and dark this club is far from high class. Dark tile floors hide stains and spills and the walls are painted a dark red. The scent of smoke fills the air and the lights flash brazenly as the music blares popular and highly suggestive dance tunes. There is no official dance floor, instead, there is a long raised stage up against one wall with several poles where the dancers perform. Several worn looking booths are nestled here and there around the room, providing a bit of privacy for any arrangements or deals that need to be made. A stained dark wood bar is placed in the middle of the room with the barstools around it facing the stage. A large collection of alcohol is on offer at the bar to those with the proper currency to pay for it. Certain other services are also offered by some of the dancers themselves or so it's rumored.


  • Bunny Money: All monetary transactions including tipping the employees for services rendered is done with bright pink slips of paper that are printed with silver ink. They look close to real money, but there's the classic naked silhouette of a woman found on truck mud splashers in the center and cartoon pictures of Jessica Rabbit if she was an anthropomorphic rabbit.
  • Hours: Mon-Sun 4PM - 3 AM. Last Call is at 2AM.


Lenny Milano Lenny Milano
Club Owner & Pimp
Bunny Bundy Bunny Bundy
Bunny used to be one of the club's star performers, but age and drug use have her a bit past her prime.
Shelly Bundy Shelly Bundy
Stripper & Waitress


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