403 Alder St. - Iron Brigade MC HQ
Address: 403 Alder Street
Coordinates: A,4 - 3
Owner: Iron Brigade MC
Type: Residential - Clubhouse
Cost of Services
Iron Brigade Members and Family Only



Surrounding this compound is an 8-foot high fence with green canvas hanging from the top and zip tied to the posts to prevent anyone from seeing inside. The top of the fence has barbwire running around the top so that nobody climbs over. A large rolling gate at one side of the compound is the only way to access the yard, and it usually remains open so that people can come in and out freely. Inside the fence is a large, paved, parking area with several dozen motorcycles in straight lines. The building itself is a wood and brick structure, part of which has been painted green with a skull in a helmet logo in black painted over it. An overhang with metal poles extends over two doors and several large windows. The south side of the building appears to be a garage, a large metal door rolled up and the inside showing tools and motorcycle stands designed to help make repairs. A large, white sign reads 'Iron Brigade Motorcycle Club', above the overhang.


A private clubhouse for the Iron Brigade Motorcycle Club. The wooden walls are covered with posters of half-naked woman draping themselves over various motorcycles, along with neon beer signs, and several Harley Davidson memorabilia. There are a small bar and kitchen to the left of the door, the shelves filled with various bottles of alcohol, and beer taps. The smell of something grilling always comes from the kitchen, filling the entire building. In the center of the building is a large, open area with several pool tables, couches, and chairs that all appear to be well used. Lights hang down from the ceilings but the whole of the place is still covered in shadows. The club ran gas station next door is a blast from the 1940s past and there are similar touches to the clubhouse. Like a jukebox next to one of the couches that which is worked into the speaker system throughout the clubhouse. On the far wall from the entry is a pair of double doors of the war room. A narrow hallway leads back to the public bathrooms, and further back is a bunk area for those bikers that have been kicked out by their old ladies and club members from other areas. There is also a guest room.

War Room

This conference room is decorated in such a way that a World War II movie could be filmed in there. One red brick wall can hardly be seen behind a collection of hanging dog tags. A custom is to hang a member's tag when they visit the clubhouse for the first time. A large frame in the center of the wall is burned at the top with the stenciled letters of K.I.A. and the dog tags within it are all the members that died. Olive drab file cabinets and weapon lockers line the other walls. A human skull with a WWII helmet on is on the cabinet behind the president's chair at the center table. It is rumored to be the founding president's actual skull and it was his dying wish to be used thusly.

Bunk Room

Being a Biker's Clubhouse there is a lot of times where members or friends of the club come through and need a place to crash. This is the room to do so. Six bunk beds lining the walls means there's a twin mattress sleep space for 12, 24 if they all have 'dates'. The wooden walls are covered in names and 'was here' carved or burned in. There's even some in marker and crayon overlaying the carved names. Concrete walls and the black aluminum bunk beds with white sheets and military olive drab blankets and not to mention the military style footlockers at the foot and head of each bed give this place a spartan military barracks feel. The Iron Brigade logo painted on the ceiling only adds to the ambiance.

Guest Room

Unlike the Bunk Room, the Guest Room is more for VIP visitors. A California king bed has black sheets and the military olive drab is represented in a rather nice feather down comforter. Three fresh wheels are stacked on either side of the bed and have circle glass tops for bedside tables. The attached full bathroom is small, but at least it's private. In one corner a desk and mini-fridge are set up for the Guest's use. A dresser is for the guest to use, while the closet is filled with clothes, cuts and such things for club use, the closet even has a lock on it. The floor is a nice soft dark brown carpet.

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