401 Alder St., Lot 8 - Young Residence
Address: 401 #8 Alder Street
Coordinates: A-4-1-8
Owner: Butch Young
Type: Residence
Property Value
Resources ● (Poor)
Cost of Services
Resources ● (Poor)



Tucked into the woodier hill area of the R.V. and Mobile Home Park among the more permanent manufactured homes is the residence of the Iron Brigade president. Although it has stood since the late 70s, it appears to be in excellent condition. The external walls bear a fresh coat of ivory paint and while the window shutters and trimmings gleam with an even more pristine shade of white. A wooden deck wraps around most of the house, with an American flag hanging over the edge of it. Beside the house, the roof hangs over to create a covered parking area for vehicles.

In recent years, quite a garden has sprung up around the house where once there was only grass and dirt. A harmonious mix of native and cultivated flowers line the driveway and paths to the doors. And while roses bask in the sun, hydrangeas line the shadier edges of the yard close to the trees. In a fenced-in area beside the house, all manner of vegetables grows in half a dozen raised beds.


There can be no question that this home belongs to the leader of the Iron Brigade. Old photos of past generations of the Iron Brigade club line the wall on a wooden-shelf, and above them hangs an enormous banner bearing the Brigade's helmeted skull symbol. On the adjacent wall, a glass case displays a leather jacket that likely belonged to the original founder. All of these speak to the proud legacy of the head of this household, Butch Young.

Somehow, the white wall-to-wall carpeting remains pristine as the day it was installed. In the living room, a set of leather sofas and armchairs lounge in front of a wood-burning stove. The wooden coffee table gleams under a fresh coat of polish – as does the table in the dining room (with seating for six). Each room shows hints of the presence of a dutiful caretaker. But the kitchen is by far the most loved and well-maintained. At the edge of it, the carpet gives way to pristine white tiles. Over the wide farm-house sink above a set of blue cabinets that also line the walls, a wide range of herbs grow in colorful little pots, basking in the sunlight streaming through the wide set of windows. The butcher block countertops are kept clear of any trace of clutter. Next to the back door, a small breakfast table rests in the corner under another window with three chairs pulled up to it.

The door to the master bedroom, where Butch sleeps, opens onto the living room, near the front door itself. Down the hall at the other end of the living room, the first door on the right opens onto a bathroom. Across from it is Michael’s bedroom. While Lyra’s is at the end of the hall.

Butch's Bedroom

An immense king-sized bed dominates the center of the master bedroom, underneath a wide set of windows with black-out curtains. A thick carpet of dark brown fibers extends wall to wall, contrasting with the pristine white walls. To the left of the bed, a door opens onto a private bathroom complete with a jacuzzi. On the left is a walk-in closet, separated from the main area by accordion-style doors. There is more than enough space for the entertainment center next to the entrance, facing the bed. Mounted on the wall is a set of both modern and antique guns, all maintained in excellent working order.

Michael's Bedroom

Although this small bedroom is kept clean and well-dusted, a staleness to the air testifies to its lack of regular use. A queen-sized bed at the center of the room has been neatly made for some time. Dark-blue curtains cover the windows over the bed. A lamp sits to the left on a bedside table, while to the right stands a dresser with a few old books neatly stacked on it. Across from the bed is a desk with nothing on it. The floor is covered in a beige carpet that extends fully from each white wall to the other.

Lyra's Bedroom

A full-sized bed sits against the wall in the far corner of the room under a quilt covered in flower designs. Beside it is a simple wooden desk with several potted plants crowding each other for sunlight streaming through the only window. A double set of both thick and sheer white curtains hang from the window. A hand-woven rug of many rich colors covers the white carpet beside the bed. Across the room stands an enormous wardrobe covered in folk-art carvings of fantastical flora and fauna. A full-length standing mirror in a wooden frame stands angled in a corner of the room next to the wardrobe. There isn't much space left on the other side of the wardrobe, but a tall and skinny bookshelf manages to squeeze in next to the door.


Butch Young Butch Young
Owner & Resident
This has been Butch's family home since the late 70s.
Lyra Young Lyra Young
Since Lyra has been old enough the property went from pretty plain grass and dirt to be one of the nicest landscaped properties at the trailer park.


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