401 Alder St., Lot 3 - Vintage R.V.
Address: #3 401 Alder Street
Coordinates: A,4 - 1 - 3
Owner: Abandoned (I.B.M.C.)
Type: Commercial - Drugs
Property Value
Resources ● (Poor)
Cost of Services
Resources ● (Poor)



The wooded lot is a little on the small side. In between the trees is just enough room for the vintage R.V. to sit. The robin's egg blue and white R.V. appears as though it has seen many a year and many a mile, with bits of its paint flecking off here and there and fading rather badly. The small windows are smoky and smudged. The outer door leading into the R.V. hangs slightly ajar whether it is open or shut. Just outside of the front door is a cleared area that has a picnic table and several chairs arranged haphazardly amongst the fauna inviting litter.


The R.V. could be cozy if it had been taken better care of in the past. Browns dominate the interior colors from the walls to the thinning carpet. Cigarette burns dot the interior like little meteor strikes. Small lights on the ceiling provide a little dim light to compliment what little natural light might make it through the ratty curtains of the R.V. The counter on one side of the home only come up to just over waist height, though it comes complete with rusty sink and odd smelling oven. Dirty dishes and clothing litter many of the surfaces through out the structure. One end of the R.V. has a small bed that is partitioned off by a dirty hanging blanket while at the other end of the R.V. is the bathroom that has seen much better days.

Another curtain of a string and clothespinned old sheets partitions off the kitchen. This partition is to hide the laboratory from easy view. Clear plastic tubing coils and goes from one water cooler jug to another and again to another.The kitchen counter they are on has been covered and reinforced with plywood to extend the workspace a foot or so. The rest of the counter is cluttered with odds and ends of other equipment essential in making of narcotics. A gallon zip-loc freezer bag of quality pot is usually found on the dining room table along with an ash tray and stack of rolling papers.


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