401 Alder St., Lot 2 - Bundy and Jeansonne Trailer
Address: #2 401 Alder Street
Coordinates: A,4 - 1 - 2
Owner: Shelly Bundy
Type: Residential
Property Value
Resources ● (Poor)



The 2005 Springdale trailer shows a little wear and tear and yet it is holding up well enough against the elements, the paintwork has long since faded and the windows and doors show signs of a little rust about the edges and upon the hinges. With an old aerial perched atop the roof and the large awning that rests against the side, ready to be drawn down over the two doors that sit on the one side. It might well have seen better days, but the trailer is well looked after and though the tires may be flat, the supports perched at each corner are strong and ensure the trailer remains quite secure and stable.


The main kitchen and living area is combined and provides ample room and a good measure of comfort. With a large window at the end looking out, a good deal of natural light during the lighter hours shines in and a comfortable if worn looking couch-bed nestles beneath the window, ready to be pulled out if need be. The tile flooring about the kitchen area shows some wear, while the sink, cupboards and stove have clearly been updated with a new stove having been wedged somewhat neatly into the position on the right next to the sink and a large cupboard. Opposite the stove rests a booth with seating and a drop down table near which another window looks on outside. With some more storage doubling as shelving opposite the large fridge freezer, the second entrance is closed shut by the addition of a solidly built pantry at which point the trailer leads through into the bedroom.


The bedroom is decent in size with the large double bed dominating the room and a large window on the far end and side ensuring plenty of natural light. With a built-in wardrobe opposite the bed for storage, there is ample room for many a piece of clothing to be tucked away. A faded picture in an old and battered frame is set on one side table, the picture damaged by sunlight or torn and tattered and yet one can just make out Shelly and Caleb, younger for certain and no doubt taken around High School as Shelly has on her Rocklin Raven's Letterman jacket. Draws line the space under the bed and there are more cabinets in the bedroom for more storage. Next to the bed a few of these cabinets has been transformed into a little studio with a laptop and a hub with cables spiderwebbing off of it to the dozens of small but high-quality cameras that are mounted throughout the room. When the laptop is open and in sleep mode the screen saver is a little NC-17 poster advertising Shelly's peep show website.


Shelly Bundy Shelly Bundy
Shelly has for most of her life taken care of herself, her mother was often "checked out" even if she was at home and Shelly took care of Bunny more than the other way around as society thinks it should be. Shelly has been the Woman of the House (R.V.) since she was very young. The lack of parents made it quite the place to hang out during her school years. Now it's her and Caleb's little sanctuary.
Caleb Jeansonne Caleb Jeansonne
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Casey Hopki Casey Hopki
Often Visiting
Casey is Shelly's little half-sister. Shelly is more a mother to the girl than Bunny is, but legally she is still supposed to live with her parents. But Shelly has a very open door policy with her little sister. So long as the trailer ain't rocking, she's more than welcomed to come knocking. Caleb has created an extra bit of room under what's supposed to be a pull-out bed in the sofa, so there's a little crawl space for Casey to hide out in and sleep in whenever she needs it.


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