401 Alder St. - R.V. and Mobile Home Park
Address: 401 Alder Streeet
Coordinates: A,4 - 1
Owner: Raff Hopki
Type: Mass Residential
Property Value
Resources ● (Poor)



This area of Mythic Wood is a bit hilly with lots of tree growing high between leveled lots that range from small that will fit a mobile home to the larger ones that provide small yards to some manufactured double wide homes. At the base of the hill is a very large concrete parking lot that is for R.V.s and space for large trucks, usually transporting lumber to park and let their trucker rest.


The west side of Mystic Valley gets a tiny bit hilly, this little cluster of hills is home to a network of narrow roads with several lots where many manufactured or mobile homes are located. On the south side of the hills where things become a lot more flat is a very large area that's poured with concrete. This parking area is mostly for Recreational Vehicles to park either temporarily or permanently. At the entrance of the Little Valley R.V. and Mobile Home Park is a double wide manufactured home that belongs to the Manager and family and it doubles as the Office for the park. Generally, the park is filled with the sort of homes a poor person or family could afford to live in.

Properties of the Little Valley R.V. and Mobile Home Park


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Raff Hopki Raff Hopki
R.V. Park Manager
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