307 Alder St. - Public Pool
Address: 307 Alder Street
Coordinates: A,3 - 7
Owner: City of Mythic Wood
Type: Public Service - Swimming and Recreation
Cost of Services
Donations appreciated.



The street in front of the public pool is lit by the street lamps that are hung with baskets of flowers and seasonal banners that all have Mythic Wood and Alder Street on them. The area around the pool and the nearby streets is kept well lit and fence complete with a locking gate encircles the area. The gate while unlocked and allowing for free passage by day is locked by the lifeguards at night.


This area is home to Mythic Wood's public pool. Jets of water spray from colorful posts in the shallow area and allow for a relaxing place for kids to play. A deeper area is also available for those that prefer swimming to wading. Several water slides and a diving board is available as well for the more adventurous. The pool area is kept open and clean with concrete walkways around it and a small building with men's and women's changing rooms placed nearby for convenience.


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