304 Alder St. - Gordon Weatherall Public Library
Address: 304 Alder Street
Coordinates: A,3 - W
Owner: City of Mythic Wood
Type: Public Service - Library
Cost of Services
Resources ● (Poor)



Set back, off the street in the middle of a large property on the western edge of Alder and 3rd street is a single-story library with high ceilings. The building has cream-colored exterior walls constructed of wooden panels, and windows framed with a darker green painted wood. The front entrance is a large, glass-paneled door framed by tall paneled glass windows. The shingled roof is in good repair, bordered all around by a maroon painted gutter and maroon trim. The lawn out front has a wide concrete path leading from the street to the entrance, as well as a few flat benches and a scattering of alder trees, for shade. Along the street, lamps are hung with baskets of flowers and seasonal banners all display Mythic Wood and Alder Street on them illuminating the area quite well after dusk.


A large library with an open floor plan. Alternating panels of serviceable grey and green carpet line the floors with green-painted support columns running from floor to ceiling every twenty feet or so. Each column is paneled with a light tan-colored wood with a darker stained wood framing the edges. Additionally, nestled against each support column is a waist-high podium, atop which is perched a small monitor and keyboard for patrons to search the library index.

The entire western wall is made up of light tan brickwork with red trim along the ceiling. There is a children’s reading area just inside the front entrance, in the southeast corner, which contains shelves of children’s books, child-sized tables, chairs, bean bags, and a large alphabet themed carpet.

The library is split roughly into three sections, excluding the southeast corner. The northern and southernmost thirds of the building are made up of rows and rows of books, with sections and reference numbers posted in small blue-framed placards on the ends of the rows. The middle third of the building, leading from the front entrance to the circulation desk on the far western wall, is made up of a combination of upholstered chairs, low coffee tables lined with magazines, and longer study tables set with chairs.

The circulation desk is set against the far (western) wall, which is painted a friendly purple color, with several workstations for library employees. There is also a large windowed office area just behind the circulation desk, with offices for the librarian and other library staff. Bathrooms and drinking fountains can be found in the southwest corner of the building, near the circulation desk.


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