303 Alder St. - Vera's Saloon
Address: 303 Alder Street
Coordinates: A,3 - 3
Owner: Vera Strauss
Type: Commercial - Saloon
Cost of Services
Resources ● (Poor)

Vera's Saloon is the local bar. When people go for a drink after a hard day's work, they go to Vera's.



From the outside, Vera's Saloon looks very much like what it is; an unassuming, working-man's refuge. The single story building is tastefully painted in a white and green combination, with red brick accents. The doorway is flanked by twin electric lamps, and in case there's any confusion, the name is over the door.


The inside of Vera's Saloon is no more flashy than the outside, but it's got a generally comfortable feel. The large front windows were kept covered at one time, but now they're a valuable source of light, supplemented by candles and lanterns.

There are several round tables placed around the open floor of the room, each with at least two chairs, some with four. When there's live music being played on the low stage at one end of the room, the tables can be pushed aside to create a dance floor. Next to the stage is a classic jukebox filled with classic rock, country rock, oldies, golden oldies, and even quite a bit of current top hits.

The bar itself lines what most consider the back wall, the wood warm and well polished. The back of the bar is a dazzling display of various bottles of liquor, with a fairly impressive variety to suit any taste and wallet. Behind the bar is a door, leading to the back storage room.

The end of the room opposite the modest stage is home to two pool tables, well used but in excellent condition, the green felt unmarred for the most part. They're separated from the rest of the bar by a short railing, enough to remind folks who aren't playing to not get too close and take a pool cue upside the head or to the gut by accident. In this same space, but close to the front window, a dartboard hangs from the wall, a chalkboard for scorekeeping beside it. There is also a line marked on the floor, indicating the proper distance to stand when throwing darts.

The restrooms can be found at the back of the room past the pool tables.

Points of Note

  • The bar is open from roughly 3 PM (Happy hour 3-5) until an hour after last call (2AM) at 3AM.
  • Minors will be gently escorted out.
  • Switzerland! Vera is very keen that her bar is a place where anyone can feel safe. Those who cause trouble in Vera's may be banned for a while.
  • There are open mic nights, which will be announced in advance. Everyone in town who has a hankering to play music is welcome.

Occupants and Employees

Vera Strauss Vera Strauss
Owner & Bartender
In 2007 a drifter came into Mythic Wood late at night and the only place open was the Redwood Saloon. Vera Strauss pulled up a stool and before long the bartender (who was also the owner at the time) spilled his life story, ending with his desire to sell the bar and retire. Vera bought the place in cash that very night, giving rise to plenty of rumors and stirrings for years to come. Many locals were put off by the fact that an outsider was now in charge of the town's favorite watering hole. However, Vera earned the trust of her customers and through them, the rest of the town. She's become an immovable fixture, fully accepted in her adopted home.
Al Al
Al has been working as a bartender at Vera's ever since it opened (before it was in Vera's care). He's one of those unassuming kind of bartenders that will quietly and promptly get a customer a drink, listening to woes and praises alike with an unreadable Mona Lisa smile.
Kendra Kendra
Kendra has been working at Vera's since shortly after her 21st birthday in July of 2017. While she was a novelty at first, she's become a fixture. Always cheery with a ready laugh, she brings a bright energy to the saloon.


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