204 Alder St. - Lumberview Apartments
Address: 204 Alder Street
Coordinates: A,2 - 4
Owner: Rocklin Property Management
Type: Mass Residential - Apartment Building
Cost of Services
Resources ● (Poor)


This apartment complex can boast having not one but two interesting views. With a graveyard to the north and the lumber pond to the west. Sometimes depending on season and weather permitting the ocean can be seen beyond the lumber pond. A small two story complex. Set up rather like a motel with all of the doors facing south connected to the parking lot. Only a small concrete curb separates the bottom level doors from the parking lot. Over these bottom level doors is the overhang that acts as the second story walkways with stairs at either end of the building going up to it. The building is light brown wooden siding and the rails are darker brown painted wood. Chalk scribbles give some haphazard color to the pale gray cement.

A total of eight apartments comprises the building. Four on top and four on the bottom. The end or corner apartments (1a, 1d, 2a, 2d) are three bedrooms, one bath apartments. Apartments 1b and 2b are two bedrooms, one bathroom while 1c and 2c are one bedroom, one bathroom. Every apartment has the stereotypical white painted walls and tan Berber carpeting in the main areas with a pretty horrible brown shag carpet that's been in the apartments since it was built in the 60s in the bedrooms. Thankfully the kitchen appliances have been upgraded in the 90s but they make for a slightly cramped space.



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