203 Alder St. - Alder Plaza
Address: 203 Alder Street
Coordinates: A,2 - 3
Owner: Varies
Type: Commercial - Business Plaze
Property Value
Resources ●● (Comfortable)
Cost of Services
Varies by Shop


A large stacked sign in the front bed of the plaza parking lot list the names of the shops inhabiting the three separate buildings. The small bushes that take up the front bed are overrun with weeds. The central parking area is black asphalt worn and patched through the years. The building to the far right is two stories made up of red brick on the first floor and brown ‘wood’ vinyl siding on the second. All buildings share the common materials including the green enameled steel that can be spotted from far away. The second building is at the back and includes two stories as well. The third building is smaller and consisting of a single story entirely composed of brick. A row of small ornamental pear and alder trees takes up residence in the center of the lot allowing for parking on either side.

Plaza Directory


You must have Resources ●● (Comfortable) to have a business within this plaza. If you have a property in this location please add the coordinates of the property into the box below and click on the 'Create Location Page' button. Example a-2-3-1. or a-2-3-# where # is the # found in the exit alias. On the new page, change the title to be the address a dash (-) and then the name of the property, fill out the information in the edit box, save. Edit the Tags to include the type subcategory of what the business is: eatery, entertainment, retail, or service and put the exit # in the # placeholder of location:a-2-3-#, save tags and enjoy!


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