201 Alder St. - Residence - Lumber Mill Manager
Address: 201 Alder Street
Coordinates: A,2 - 1
Owner: Lumber Mill Manager & Family
Type: Residence
Property Value
Resources ●●● (Prosperous)
Free for Lumber Mill Manager



Describe the exit that goes into the location. Notes: One of the perks of being the Senior Head Manager at the Rocklin Lumber Mill is that you get to live in this house and only cover your own utility bills. It's a historical house and was the original Rocklin settler's home before they moved on to richer pastures in the southeast of town.

Set on the end of long gravel drive southwest off of Alder Street sidewalk in the middle of a large property is a two-storey residence. With canary-yellow horizontal weatherboard walls with burgundy trimming around the two-pane windows and at the corners and molding. The front entrance is <a/an> <color and type> door<. / on a <color and type> stoop / at the end of a <color and type> pathway.> The <color and type> roof is in <adj.> condition. <A/An attached/seperate <color and type> <one/two/three/four> car garage is on the <north/east/west/south/directional> side of the building.> <The <size> yard has at least one <Streetname> tree on the property close to the road as is town tradition. <Describe yard/garden further here» Along the street, lamps that are hung with baskets of flowers and seasonal banners that all have Mythic Wood and <TREENAME> Street on them illuminating the area quite well after dusk.


Describe the main room of the location. Notes: Great location, private setting with a Charming Victorian home on .34 of an acre. Built in the early 1880's w/ approx. 2393 sq.ft plus 660 sq.ft basement, 5 Bed/ 2 Bath, master on main level, Gourmet kitchen, semi-formal dining w/ french doors to deck, living room, parlor, 4 spacious Bedrooms upstairs, recently updated bathrooms, accessible attic storage, old fashion porch, 2 decks, hot tub, patio, DBL detached garage & manicured yard.



Lumber Mill Senior Manager
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PC Name
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