109 Alder St. - Miluk Elementary School
Address: 109 Alder Street
Coordinates: A,1 - 9
Owner: Coos County Board of Education
Type: Education - Elementary School (K - 5th)



Sitting on the east end of the campus that connects the three schools, Miluk Elementary School is a single story building with a slightly recessed front. The recessed area retains its roof, giving a sheltered area for children to wait for a bus or a ride home, or for teachers on break.

The main entrance to the building is on the south side, beside a giant red M painted in the on the otherwise off-white wall, facing the parking lot and a small lawn. A sidewalk runs along the side of the building from the entry to the parking lot, with a single accessible parking spot beside the walkway.


A hallway runs most of the length of this building, starting at the main entrance and ending in a hook shape on the northern end, looping back to the door leading to the sheltered pickup area outside. A single side hallway breaks off to the west after an office and breakroom area taking up the southwestern corner of the building.

The rest of the hallway is made up of doors to classrooms and a couple of bathrooms, and little cubbies with coat hooks that are placed low to be within reach of children. Dotted along the hall are water fountains, also placed low to the ground. The side hall leads to a rear door, leading to the play yard and a path to the sports and computer facilities shared with the other schools in the campus.

Though each classroom is decorated differently based on the grade level involved, they are all incredibly spacious. The younger grades have classes with larger group tables, a lot of bright coloured decorations, and more open areas with age-appropriate toys for playtime. The older grades have more traditional rows of desks, with space from books and pencils underneath. All the grades have bookshelves with age-appropriate books and lots of examples of student artwork and crafts on the walls. Each class also comes equipped with at least one state-of-the-art computer with age-appropriate games and educational software.


Soenso Smith Soenso Smith
Relationship Explaination.


Soenso Smith Soenso Smith
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