107 Alder St. - Rocklin High School
Address: 107 Alder Street
Coordinates: A,1 - 7
Owner: Coos County Board of Education
Type: Public Service - Education



Beautiful whitewashed stone decorates the exterior of the high school. Interspaced evenly along the front and sides are tall single-pane windows, some covered with curtains and others showing the inside of a classroom. On the front of the building, in large black letters, are the words "Rocklin High School", with a banner below it that reads, "Home of the Ravens". A flag pole is in front of the school, and during the day the American flag can be seen flying high above. The glass doors leading inside specify that all visitors must go to the office to check in.

School Halls


The hallways of the high school stretch out long, the highly polished floors reflecting the sunlight from the glass ceilings above. Spaced in even intervals above are beams which hold fluorescent lighting that pulse a white glow. Along the walls are the doors which lead to various classrooms, and in between the doors are the student lockers which are painted deep royal purple in color. In between class time the hallways are filled with students and teachers, but when they are in session the hallways are almost eerily empty save for a janitor or school security.

The office is directly across the entry from the front entrance and is open to full view as large plexiglass display windows with little bank teller like openings with counters allow people to check in easily and for the faculty to keep an eye on the student's behavior in the halls. The auditorium is on the north side of the building and the gymnasium is on the larger south side.



Smooth wooden floors with a high polish spans the entirety of this room. In the center of this wooden floor is the school logo, and the rest of the floor is decorated with the normal boundaries and lines of a basketball court. On each end of the gymnasium is a basketball hoop, and along the sides there are four more hoops that are currently raised up and out of the way. Two scoreboards, one on the far side and one above the entrance door detail are only lit during games. On either side of the court are the bleachers, pushed back and away during school hours, but spread to allow for student seating during games. Along the far wall are several banners for the school championships that they've won over the years. The whole of the gymnasium is lit up from a dozen lights hanging high over the court itself.

Classroom 1


This is a standard classroom containing a whiteboard along one wall, an old-fashioned dark green chalkboard on another and several bulletin boards containing various decorations and announcements from the teachers. There are several rows of flip top desks that face the front of the classroom, and the whole of it is lit with fluorescent lights overhead.

Classroom 2

This is a large amphitheater style classroom, designed to teach a large volume of students at once. Desks sit on tiers which lead down to a desk at the bottom and a large whiteboard behind it. The tier system is designed to allow the teacher to be heard with a normal voice while they teach at the bottom. Along the walls on both sides of the auditorium is painted the school logo, as well as phrases designed to inspire from various authors and poets. The whole of the classroom is lit up by fluorescent lights overhead.

Home Economics Classroom


The is a larger room designed to teach cooking, sewing, and other home economics. Along the four walls of the room are mini-kitchens that contain sinks, ovens, and counter space to prepare food. In the center of the room are desks that face a larger counter with its own stovetop and several cooking accessories. Behind the counter is a large whiteboard, and several recipes magnetically attached. Next to the whiteboard is a large refrigerator which has a lock on it to prevent food from being taken by hungry student snackers.

Science Lab


This classroom is designed to teach various sciences. At the front of the classroom is a large whiteboard. There are several differently colored erasable markers on the ledge at the bottom of the board. In front of the whiteboard is a long counter with a sink, and small spigots used for bunsen burners. It also has space for a laptop, as well as room to display several experiments. There are several high counters designed to fit two people and each having enough space to do experiments, and with the same bunsen burner spigots as the teachers counter. On the walls are a periodic table of elements, as well as several cabinets containing various bottles of elements, plants, and other things needed for a science class.



A large auditorium spans out, slanted downwards at a gentle angle to a stage below. The auditorium is lit with several sconces along the wall and gentle lighting above, giving it a quiet feeling. Comfortable seats in long rows are evenly spaced down to the stage. Above is a balcony which, provides even more, seating, and a technicians booth underneath. The stage itself is covered in dark wood with tall curtains behind, rising up to rafters above. Can lighting points downwards at an angle, giving off various colors as needed. A pit in front of the stage is designed to hold the orchestra. The pit can be covered with panels if necessary. Darkened recesses are hidden by their own set of curtains but can be seen if seated far enough to the side. Speakers dot the walls in even intervals, allowing those on the stage to be heard, even in the farthest back seats.

Wood Shop


The room is filled with machinery, all manner of machinery. The smell of wood fills the air, and the floor is covered with sawdust, gentle particles still filling the air. A desk sits at the far edge of the room with a chalkboard behind it. Several desks sit around the board itself, placed almost haphazardly instead of in the straight rows of a usual classroom. In the far corner is a stack of wood, neatly rising up halfway to the ceiling. Large windows take up most of the wall on the other side of the room, allowing for natural light to fill the space. The lights above shine brightly to allow the students to do their best work.

Auto Shop


This garage space is brightly lit with several dozen lights above. They shine down on what is clearly an auto shop, complete with two vehicle lifts in the room. There are no desks in this space, only a whiteboard at the far end of the room that is decorated with various drawings of engines or other automobile specs. Tall tool chests dot the room, filled with everything one would need to fix a vehicle. The walls are dotted with larger tools for more complicated fixes. The floor of the room is smooth but covered in various places with oil stains or dark patches of some other chemical. There are two large garage doors on the far end of the room, designed to allow vehicles to be driven in and fixed by the students.


Mrs. Nora Vance

Mrs. Nora Vance
Principal: Mrs. Vance was originally the English teacher at Rocklin High School. She taught English from 1975 to 1988, it was then that the Vice Principal job opened up and she was the only one to apply. From 1988 to 1996 she was a very popular Vice Principal, Cherubic and to some seemingly saccharin sweet. In 1996 the principal at the time retired and she rose to the position. While she is considered a bit of a pushover, her vice principal more than makes up for it with strictness. They make a very good team. Rather a good cop, bad cop situation with the students.

Mr. Hakem Stone

Mr. Hakem Stone
Vice Principal: Born and raised in Mythic Wood, then Damian Stone went to the very same High School he now governs over. To be able to afford an education after High School Damian joined the Army. When he came back from overseas after having been honorably discharged he wanted to do his best to see that the kids of his hometown didn't have to join the military as their only option. He's done a great deal since to bring scholarship programs to Rocklin High and the graduation rate has increased since Mr. Stone has brought his tough-love brand of discipline to the School.







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