Lirabelle Young
Portrayed by Dasha Milko
Name: Lirabelle Young
Birthday: June 11, 1998
Origin: Wizard
Role: Tradesman
Affiliation: Nihon Gardens
Title: Assistant Horticulturalist
Resources: ● Poor



Lirabelle Young grew up caught between the two worlds of Haven and the Iron Brigade. Her paternal grandfather was Butch Young, president of the notorious Iron Brigade Motorcycle Club (IBMC). But when both her parents died before her first birthday, Butch sent her to live with her maternal grandmother, Evelyn, a founding member of Haven. It was in Haven that she discovered a talent for making things grow. At first, she thought she might be a magical fairy, but when she started school and joined the ACCEL program, she came to understand that she was a witch. Secrecy was especially important since only her grandmother was sanctioned to know about her powers.

Her grandmother never fully understood the difference between real magic and the bliggish fancies of her crystals and essential oils. When she discovered a lump on her breast, it was too late before she realized her own ‘magic’ wouldn’t heal her. Orphaned yet again at age 12, Lirabelle went to live with her grandfather. Adjusting to life under Butch’s strict parenting was hard enough, but that same year, her older brother Michael returned from war a broken man. He’d been 16 when their parents died and had gone to live with Butch. She’d never been old enough to get to know him before he’d gone off to college and then dropped out to go to war. But as she and her brother grew closer, Lirabelle became the only one who could bring him a measure of calm.

Living with her grandfather associated Lirabelle more with the Iron Brigade and changed how many people saw her. It got worse when she started trying to date, and the boys who tried getting close would end up threatened or even beaten up. It probably didn’t help that she didn’t have the healthiest taste in boys. When she was 15, she tried to date a 23-year-old artist, but after he vanished, leaving nothing but a note, she stopped trying. Instead, she focused on her studies and her family. She wanted to be an Herbologist, and maybe even a Potioneer one day. And she wanted to help Michael overcome his PTSD. But after a violent episode that put her in the hospital, Michael left, supposedly to check himself into a mental health facility.

After graduating, Lirabelle remained in Mythic Wood to pursue her interests in Herbology. Using inheritance money from her grandmother, she bought a house at the edge of the woods and built a greenhouse. She has started selling potions components around town, but also found a part-time job working in Nihon Gardens.

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