Kayleigh Casteel
Portrayed by Jayne Wisener
Name: Kayleigh Casteel
Birthday: May 19, 1987
Origin: Wizard
Role: Professional
Affiliation: Mythic Wood Schools
Rocklin High School
Walker Middle School
Miluk Elementary School
Title: Counselor
Resources: ●● Comfortable


She stands at a height of about five feet and five inches. Her hair is kept long. The blonde strands reaching down to the middle of her back. The thick tresses are kept clean and stylishly cut with a bit from either side pulled back to merge into a thick braid that hangs down the center and on top of the rest. Bright blue eyes are lined with full lashes and accompanied by delicate and carefully kept brows. Her nose looks slightly on the small side, nestled as it is above her full lips. She has a fairly slim and petite body. Shoulders that trail out to delicate arms and eventually end with hands that might be called dainty. Her torso tapers down from shoulders to a small waist while supporting a modest bosom. The curve of her hips is gentle and lead down to strong looking legs.
She keeps her outfit rather simple. Her top today is a simple white, button up, blouse with short sleeves. Over the top, she has a long sleeved cardigan that she leaves mostly open except for one button in the front. The bottom hem of her blouse is tucked neatly into her long, maroon colored skirt that reaches down to her ankles. The material of the skirt is sturdy and mostly hides the gray leggings she wears on her legs. A pair of three-inch heels adorns her feet, peeking out from beneath the skirt.


Kayleigh Casteel grew up in Colorado in a town just outside of Denver. Her life was typical in most ways as she was born into a magical family. So typical for a magical family may be a better way to put it. She even had a mother and father who both loved her and made sure she was healthy and happy but still made sure she kept her feet on the ground.

It was here in the Denver area that Kayleigh first met her best friend, Penelope Parker. The two hit it off well instantly! Soon after they would become nearly inseparable. Adventures were had all the time, though it seemed to some that Kayleigh went to try and keep Penelope out of the real dangers. Kayleigh would never let her best friend go alone no matter what the adventure was to be. As they grew up, Kayleigh was proud of the fact that she and her best friend managed to get accepted into Ilvermony and even sorted into the same house, of Thunderbird. While there, they continued their little adventures while also working hard on their studies. After all, if you're going to be learning witchcraft and wizardry, you might as well have some fun while you're doing it!

Graduation day came and the two friends finally had their paths diverge into separate roads. Penelope went off to be an Auror while Kayleigh went off to find her own way. Her travels were not as exciting as when she was with Penelope but that was alright to her. A little peace and quiet after the many years of childhood adventure was looked forward to and eventually brought her to Mythic Wood. The quiet little town seemed to be about perfect for what she didn't know she was looking for and Kayleigh was quick to put down roots.

Kayleigh started off working traditional jobs though after a couple years decided to push herself and applied for a position at the local school district where she eventually landed the position of School Counselor. She has been at the position for a good while now and even managed to convince her childhood friend to make the move out to Mythic Wood to join her.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • <Counseling>: School can be tough, everyone needs someone to talk to now and then and as school counselor, who better to turn to?
  • <Hook>:


Penelope Parker Penelope Parker
Best Friend and Confidant
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