Hope Booth
Portrayed by Betty White
Name: Hope Booth
Birthday: January 11th, 1949
Origin: Wizard-Born
Role: Homemaker
Affiliation: Mythic Wood Foster Care
Title: Foster Mother
Computer Technician
Resources: ●● Comfortable



It was the first time in recorded history that the city of Los Angeles, California got snow. That was the day that Victoria Voge was born. Later her grandfather began to say that he should have known it was a sign. He most of all her family was disappointed when Victoria did not show signs of magical abilities. But her parents rather rebelled against him and they loved their little girl and did everything they could to give her a magical life. This consisted in a great deal of travel around the world. Victoria's father was one of the American Wizards that left his wand at home and went to go fight in World War II with the Bligs. Her mother was an actress before Victoria was born, but gave up that profession to raise her daughter and travel with her family.

Over the years their travels molded the young family into something rather bohemian. When she was just over one years old her father did not agree with the Korean War and he chose to not join this fight like he did World War II. Five years later when the American Bligs got involved in another war in Vietnam, this triggered her family to join the Hippie Movement and do everything they could to protest the war. This included illegally hiding Bligs from the War Department so they weren't drafted or found by MPs. Granted the Bligs never realized they were in unplottable homes. On and off for almost a decade, there were chunks of time where Victoria's father would be in prison, or her mother as well. There were even some stints of time when Hope was put into foster care. But they would always eventually be reunited and travel together more.

As the years went on, they were not alone in their travels, by 1967 the Voge's now named, Rainbow, Destiny, and Hope Fairchild had quite the commune of other people that traveled in buses and vans and R.V.s and other Hippie-mobiles along with them. Rainbow was the father of a few other half-siblings by this point. Destiny was pregnant with either Rainbow or some other member of the commune's baby when the band of free-love hippies arrived in Mythic Wood to protest a logging company called Rocklin Lumber. Hope was 19 when they chained themselves to trees and did everything to peacefully make Rocklin Lumber rethink their ways.

It was quite dramatic and romantic the day Hope met Jon Booth. She was in her tent in the camp they had established between the harvest site and the lumber camp. Preparing for the day of being chained to her favorite tree she named Bruce. Suddenly there was a young man, ripping through the door of the tent, snatching her up and running down the hill with her in nothing but a t-shirt over his shoulder like a sack. Hope stopped beating on him when she looked up at a thunderous sound. It was a landslide of mud and cut trees from the harvest zone above. Her tent was swept away and crushed by the slide. She would have been killed if not for her hero. When he put her down she planted a kiss on his lips. The rest of her life was sealed with that kiss. She married that young handsome logger five months to the day after that kiss chained to Bruce in a white veil, tie-dye maxi dress. After that day she left the camp and moved in with Jon and his family in town.

Jon's mother had passed away just under a year before they met. So Hope became quite the little housewife taking care of Jon and his widowed father. Hope's relationship with her family didn't suffer greatly with the change in her lifestyle. They loved their little girl no matter what. But they were not entirely thrilled that their daughter was now a logger's wife. But both Hope and Jon did what they could (without him getting fired) to help change things from within.

Getting pregnant proved to be difficult for Hope, so when she discovered the new pioneering industry of personal computers in the 1980s she decided that she wanted to go to college and get a degree in computers. This new passion for her helped her not be so focused on having a baby. When she did get her degree she started up a little out of their home Computer Tech business. Hope and Jon also made the decision that they would become a group home to foster children in need. Hope had seen several sorts of foster situations when she was a child and her parents were in and out of prison. So it was important for her to give local foster kids a really warm, healthy environment. It was quite a surprise in 1986 when Hope was nearly 40 to discover that she was pregnant and they welcomed Penelope Booth May 28th, 1987.

Since Penny was born Hope mostly trouble-shoots over the internet and over the phone. But she'll also build/repair computers for friends, family, and neighbors at pretty nice rates.

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Jon Booth

Jon Booth
Husband: (Blig.)

Penny Booth

Penny Booth
Daughter: (Witch.)

Grace Reed

Grace Reed
Sister: (Witch.) Grace is most likely Hope's full sister, but there is a chance, that no one really cares about, that she may be only Hope's half-sister. Grace was the first baby born in the Haven commune. Hope was there for the birth, helping best as she could. The age difference and the fact that Hope lived in town while her sister was raised in the commune has them a bit distant. There is admittedly a tiny tiny tiny bit of jealousy that Grace did grow to exhibit magical abilities.


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