President of the United States, Ellen Waites

Ellen Waites, the 45th President of the United States

The election of the United States' first female President has proven to be a favorable shift from the status quo. The 45th President, Ellen Waites, is a Republican, but has a long track record of bipartisanship during her long tenure representing California in the Senate. With this reputation for even-handedness, she was able to provide the leadership very early in her first term to iron out the kinks in health care, setting the tone for a Presidency full of promise.

Waites believes that family values mean all families are valuable. She favors providing for every American, but not pampering them. She is opposed to invasive government policies, but recognizes that deregulation can be harmful when taken too far. Balance and compromise, tempered by a firm hand, are the keystones of her political career.

Political Stances

Statute of Secrecy/The Wizarding World
President Waites has developed a rapport with her MACUSA counterpart, President Samuel G. Quahog. Despite initial reservations, she now fully supports the Statute of Secrecy.
Economy & Jobs
Supports tax incentives for companies on American soil that offer free training and a living minimum wage.
Teachers' wages are on the rise under Waites's leadership. She opposes national curriculum standards. Curriculum is now in the hands of the states to determine.
Security & Defense
Supports a large military budget and private contracting, but demands greater accountability. In the Senate, she spearheaded legislation to create a system of dismantling obsolete programs, facilities, and technologies, recycling wherever possible.
Supports strict, but fair immigration law. She is extremely vocal about how she believes that immigrants are as American as apple pie. She does not support blind amnesty, but is open to providing illegal immigrants with legitimate paths to citizenship if they can demonstrate their work ethic and have no serious criminal history.
Waites is a Presbyterian, but that is the extent to which she discusses her faith. She believes firmly in a separation of church and state, stating that: "Government's only role in religion is the protection of its right to be practiced. Religion's only role in government is to complain about me at the Sunday potluck." She has been working with the Secretary of Education to ensure that students with faith- and cultural-based dietary concerns are met and respects in their schools.
Health Care
Waites has stated many times that it is "unspeakably tragic" that Americans are more afraid of the costs of health care than they are of sickness and injury. In the first few weeks of her Presidency, she held a "Health Care Summit" with various political and industry leaders to fix the problems in the health care system. Her reputation for being fair, but firm, was well earned, as the media jokingly referred to her keeping the summit members "hostage" until a workable plan was created.
As far as she is concerned, public lands, reservations, and preserves are sacrosanct. She recognizes climate change as an issue, and regularly battles with members of her own party over the issue.

President of the Magical Congress of the United States of America, Samuel G. Quahog

Samuel G. Quahog, President of MACUSA

Second Term President of the Magical Congress of the United States of America

  • First Term: 2012 - 2016
  • Second Term: 2016 - 2020

Samuel's ancestors escaped slavery and became clammers on the shores of New York. Wizarding Blood went in and out of Samuel's family tree like it did most Americans. Their surname was given to them because of their profession in the early days. As fishing went out of style the family dispersed and spread out over the states and even the world. None of them over the years took to politics until Samuel. He was an underdog that did a lot of many different things in wizarding communities after he graduated from Ilvermorny where he was a Thunderbird, he traveled and did jobs ranging from washing dishes, building homes, playing some Quidditch for a very short time, and just rather adventuring where his life took him. In his travels and adventures, he learned a great deal about how the world works and he discovered some things he didn't care for. This is when he first got into politics. People are typically drawn to his playful sense of humor that is fortified with knowledge and worldliness. So he might seem like a carefree sort, but when it's time to work, he is a master diplomat.

In 2014 there was an incident of international prank proportions when some American Quidditch fans absconded with Liechtenstein's team mascot, an Augurey named, Hans, during the World Cup quarter-finals. The President and Liechtenstein's Minister for Magic, Otto Obermeier, got involved when the prank was discovered. Owls were exchanged and Quahog has stated that it was all done in a "friendly and cooperative fashion" and Hans was returned to his special pen the next day. After the return despite the President's claim of friendly cooperation, the Minister publically threatened that if Hans was not in perfect health and condition he would lobby for the USA's immediate disqualification from the World Cup.

Quahog was quoted during the aftermath of the prank, "We are delighted to report that this prank has ended in a friendly and cooperative fashion, and trust that Hans is none the worse for his little adventure."

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