Giovanni Blanchard
Portrayed by Trevor Eve
Name: Giovanni Blanchard
Birthday: February 18th, 1960
Origin: Blig
Role: Merchant
Affiliation: Antique Shop
Title: Business Owner
Resources: ●● Comfortable




  • Blunt: Giovanni won't think twice when speaking his mind, no matter how sensitive or politically incorrect the subject may be.
  • Enigmatic: Mr. Blanchard likes to keep the low profile, reason why sometimes it's difficult to figure out his intentions or feelings.
  • Practical: "Observation and application. You have to go outside and experience it. Don't waste your time."
  • Sarcastic: If you show inconsistency or stupidity in your arguments, Giovanni won't take you seriously anymore.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Anthropology: Giovanni has always had a strong interest in cultural diversity. He still keeps the same eagerness of learning about characteristic customs, beliefs and values of different countries and societies around the world.
  • Art History: Since the loss of his wife, Giovanni rarely speaks about the subject, just for business inquiries. Maybe you can contribute to a substantial conversation about the works of Vermeer, Manet or even Pollock.
  • Crime and Horror fiction: Mr. Blanchard enjoys this kind of works during his leisure time, as long as the stories are thrilling and challenging. Gore films that compensate cheap and plain plots with graphic violence aren't real horror for him.
  • Gourmet: A self-made expert in the culinary arts, Giovanni knows how to make a special meal with almost any regular ingredient.
  • Oldies and Classical: When it comes to music, Giovanni always prefers the crackle of a jazz vinyl or listening to classical symphonies written by the greatest composers of all time.
  • Restoration: Books, furniture, maps, works of art… if it's worth restoring, Giovanni will do it without hesitation.


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