Getting Started

Welcome to Witchcraft and Wizardry: Dawn's Early Light! If you're here, hopefully you're interested in joining our community and being a part of the stories that comprise this game.

Connecting to the Game

This wiki is just an information site. To get into the actual MUX you'll need some kind of telnet-capable client. We recommend PotatoMU. If you're brand new to MU*ing, check out out this MUSHing 101 Tutorial.

Once connected, type connect guest and say hello! Talk to people (on our Questions channel by typing "q" followed by your message) and see if this is the kind of place you'd like to play. Our community is very welcoming, and happy to answer questions.

Making a Character

If you decide to stick around, you'll need a character on the game itself. But before you leap right into making one, it is strongly recommended that you read over our thoughts and conventions on names. Names that are not appropriate to the theme will be asked to be changed. At this time, our code does not accommodate name changes, which means an entirely new character will have to be created with the new name.

So log out of that Guest account and type create <Name> <password> to create your character (be sure to capitalize your name; see above regarding name changes). Then follow the instructions in the rooms you are taken to (please be sure to read everything, especially the Policies). The Character Generation Guide is a great place to go to get some help when actually creating the character.

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