Getting Started

Welcome to Witchcraft and Wizardry: Dawn's Early Light! If you're here, hopefully, you're interested in joining our community and being a part of the stories that comprise this game.

Get to Know the Setting

Whether this is the very first character or the sixth alt, this character creation guide will help walk you through the process as smooth as possible. If you are new to this MUSH or to the Harry Potter world itself, it might be helpful to first take a quick look at the Theme pages.

All the Theme pages provide helpful information, but here are a few to check out first:

  • Culture and Society covers all the basics about living in Mythic Wood.
  • Lexicon defines some words unique to the American magical community that will be helpful during RP.
  • Schooling explains how wizarding students learn magic in Mythic Wood.
  • Theme Overview gives a good sense of the tone and inspirations of this Harry Potter MUSH.

Connecting to the Game

This wiki is just an information site. To get into the actual MUX you'll need some kind of telnet-capable client. We recommend PotatoMU. If you're brand new to MU*ing, check out this MUSHing 101 Tutorial.

Once connected, type connect guest and say hello! Talk to people (on our Questions channel by typing "q" followed by your message) and see if this is the kind of place you'd like to play. Our community is very welcoming and happy to answer questions.

Making a Character

There are a few ways of joining the game, the first one is to create what we call a Player Bit. It is an Out of Character (OOC) identity for the Player. The name of a Player Bit must obviously not be a name that could look like a character name. Examples of names and further instructions and information on Player Bits is found on the Player page.

Secondly, there are Character Bits. A Character Bit goes through the creation process to get approval and join the antics in the In Character (IC) world with the other characters. Names that are not appropriate to the theme will be asked to be changed. So it's strongly recommended that the thoughts and conventions on names is read.

In the game, to create a bit at the log-in screen type:

create <Name> <password>

Be sure to capitalize your name. Then follow the instructions in the rooms you are taken to (please be sure to read everything!).

We also have a Roster of pre-generated Characters that are at various stages of creation, or who have been completely finished and approved, therefore, they can leap right into the Roleplaying aspect of the game. The Roster System can be used as a Guest or any other log-in Bit.

When in game, to view the Roster and select a character to play, type:


Get to Know How We Do Things

Game Policies can be found on the wiki link below. Please read them carefully, as some of our Policies may be unique to this game. Make sure you're comfortable with how we do things.

In the game, if you agree with these policies type:



Players must register with an e-mail address, which will be used for alts, brownies (points), password recovery, and other such things. The e-mail address is not visible and will never be given out. Use the same e-mail for all characters (alts).

In the game, to register to this e-mail address, type:

+email <>
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