Gabriel Torre de la Vega
Portrayed by Benicio DelToro
Name: Gabriel Torre de la Vega
Birthday: January 4, 1982
Origin: Wizard
Role: Equine Breeder
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Resources: ●●●● Affluent


Tall, dark, and sullenly good-looking Gabriel's high cheekbones and dusky skin speak clearly to his Spanish heritage. Both his deep, coffee brown eyes and his full lips have marked smile lines at the corners matched by the beginnings of worry lines starting to show across his forehead. His jet black, wavy hair is kept barely long enough to qualify for the adjective and is starting to show the random streak of grey here and there. Standing at 5' 10" he has the kind of stocky, well-muscled build that someone who doesn't work out but is constantly doing hard physical labor develops.


Alejandro, Gabriel's father, was a humble man that strongly believed in learning from history and in giving back to the community the family has lived in so long. So even thought they had enough money to be considered well within the definition of upper-class Gabriel was brought up to have a very strong work ethic. He was provided with everything a kid might need; gifts for birthdays and holidays, a roof over his head, clothes on his back, and food on the table. And maybe all of these essentials were of much better quality than most other people get to experience but anything past that Gabriel himself had to earn, first through chores around the house and, once he hit 16, by working on the ranch right along with all the other ranch hands.

The only way that his father treated him differently from the rest of the employees in the ranch was in terms of education: Gabriel was taught the breeding traditions and techniques of the family, including learning the lines from their beginnings along with the family history. As part of working on the ranch he developed a variety of different skills like riding various kinds of creatures, outdoor survival skills, tracking, and hunting with both revolvers, long guns, and from middle school on, wands. He also became a pretty good teacher as one of the riding instructors on the ranch. Pretty much his whole life has been spent in Mythic Wood, with a short hiatus to go to college and earn his MBA.


Sturdy, 11 inches, Dogwood wand with a Unicorn hair core.

Personal Horse

A spirited six year old Arabian bay stud named Majestico.

Rugger Super Redhawk 44

Diego's favorite gun.

Diego's Hat

One of Diego's Spanish flairs. Instead of the typical cowboy hat he wears a black Gaucho hat.

Gabriel and Alejandro had some long conversations during Gabriel's senior year of high school about college selections, for once giving Gabriel free access to the family money. In the end they came to the consensus that Stanford would be the best choice both for its top notch business program and because it would provide Gabriel with some social experience among the blig socio-economic elite.

Once Gabriel returned from college Alejandro let him take over the full running of the ranch. After a year of supervised management Alejandro deemed that Gabriel was ready to run the ranch on his own and decided to retire to the a small hacienda in the south of Spain and now he comes back to visit over the summers.

Story Hooks

  • Unflappable - Gabriel can be eerily calm in just about any situation, which is a boon working with horses but not necessarily with people.
  • Tobacco Addiction - Its is rare to see Gabriel without a cigarette in his mouth, except when he's working with his horses.
  • Golden Heart - Gabriel has a lot of trouble not helping someone that is genuinely in trouble.
  • Long Standing Resident - Tower Ranch has been owned and operated by Gabriel's family since the 1890's.
  • Well Educated - Gabriel's heart is on the ranch but he is does hold a Bachelor's in Business Administration and the speech patterns and vocabulary he picked up at Stanford can make him sound a little out of place from time to time.
  • Spanish Ex-patriate - Well, not really. But his family has maintained the traditions and history from their time in Spain alive. Gabriel is proud of this and continues to maintain them as well, which includes speaking fluent Spanish.
  • Old Hacienda - The family's ranch house was designed in the Spanish style back in the 1890's. Although it has been modernized a couple of time since then it still has its original bones and retains its Spanish architectural influence.


  • New Line For A New World: Although the Torre de la Vega family has traditionally bred Arabian and Abraxan lines Gabriel is hoping to breed a new line of winged horses specifically for racing and has recently invested some money in some Granian breeding stock.
  • Pay It Forward: Myrtle Valley has been good to Gabriel's family over the generations and following his father's example he now wants to use his resources and skills to pay the town back, helping its less fortunate residents it any way he can… Within reason.
  • Racing Fever: Along with starting to breed Granians for racing purposes Gabriel is also working with the Tribal Alliance to start an organized racing association in town.

Education and Certifications

  • Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship
  • Advanced First Aid and CPR Certifications

Notable Skills

  • Animal Husbandry
  • Riding
  • Wilderness Survival
  • Hunting
  • Tracking
  • Teaching


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