Some MU*s have a "freezer" where characters get frozen and locked up from use. We have no such thing here. But we do have the Fridge — a refrigerator for keeping certain characters cool and fresh.

The types of characters we put in the Fridge are those that have yet to be finished, but we are fairly certain they will be. Sometimes real life just doesn't cooperate with one's MU* life, and a great character idea must be put on hold for a while. That's fine, and that's exactly what the Fridge is for.

These characters are not frozen in any way. They are not prohibited from being completed and submitted for approval. The only reason this page exists is to keep the main Characters page clean and tidy, so as not to have it filled with a bunch of characters that aren't made yet (and may not be in the foreseeable future).

Characters Currently in the Fridge

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