Frequently Asked Questions

This page is mostly for new players considering joining the game, but can be useful for anyone looking for answers to questions that come up often (or that staff feels should be addressed somewhere). Also be sure to read the Policies, which contain additional vital information.

Character Creation

What types of characters are needed?

All types! We generally aren't looking for specific roles that need filling. What is "needed" is simply another great role-player and positive member of the community.

That said, if you're looking to fill in a gap, check out our Roles for an overview of the types of characters we do and don't have.

Do I have to pick an Actor/Played-By?

Yes. Using a PB (Played By) provides a visual reference for those players for whom written descriptions don't paint a strong picture. The wiki is a big part of the game, not merely an accessory. So, having a complete character page, including at least one image, is part of character creation. If you're having trouble finding an Actor that fits your concept of the character, please ask for assistance. The community has a proven track record of helping players track down just the right fit. Also take a look at our Actor Suggestions page for ideas.

Can I play a canon character?

We're sorry, but no. All characters in Witchcraft and Wizardry: Dawn's Early Light are original characters. This setting was designed to be removed from the events and figures of Potterverse canon. So this goes for characters connected to canon characters, too. Relatives, descendants, and father's brother's nephew's cousin's former roommates of canon characters will not be approved.

Can I play a werewolf / goblin / Legilimens / etc.?

Yes, but not right away. Special types of characters and abilities require the expenditure of Brownies, which are earned through role-play and doing things to help the game. Please note that Brownies are not a guarantee of acquiring these "specials." As with everything else, they are subject to staff approval.

How long does character approval take?

It can vary. Some can be approved in the same day. Others will take several days. It all depends upon what revisions (if any) are asked for to make the character suitable for the theme of the game, and how much staff is juggling at the time.

Another consideration is whether the character is an alt of an existing player or a brand new player altogether. If we have several applications in the queue, new players get priority over all others. After that, adult alts for players that only have a student character (or vice versa) get next priority. Once all of those applications are handled, the rest are seen to.

The approval process can be sped up considerably by making sure you have read all of the policies thoroughly (something every player should be doing before they +accept those policies), as well as the information we have available here on the wiki, including this very FAQ. Most delays in the approval process are a result of mistakes that could be avoided by following the instructions in the character generation rooms. Also, don't be shy about using the Questions channel while making your character. That's what it's there for! The community is great about helping out when players get confused or need a sounding board for ideas.


Theme and Setting

What if I've never read the books or watched the films?

It's not a problem. Of course it helps to have familiarity, but even the books and films only give a snapshot of the complete world we're playing in. There is a lot of information on this wiki, as well as other resources like Pottermore or the Harry Potter Wiki. The community is very helpful in answering any questions you may have.

Please note that we do not consider Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to be canon. Any lore that appears only in that play is most likely not part of our theme.

How strict is this game about canon and theme?

The short answer is that we are fairly loose about canon, but strict about theme.

The long answer is that the timeline remains consistent with the official canon timeline (minus anything from Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) right up until the start of this game in 2017. After that, things might diverge. We'll try to honor new canon material as it emerges, but if something contradicts what has been established on WiWi, there's a good chance the new canon will be ignored for the sake of continuity.

As for theme, there is no easy answer to that. We do aim for that whimsical Harry Potter feel, but we've also given ourselves room to flesh out and explore aspects of the wizarding world that haven't been touched on yet. We have certain ideas about how magic works, but we aren't going to throw fits if someone doesn't get it exactly right every time. The main thing to keep in mind is that Harry Potter isn't high fantasy. Though sometimes it seems like "anything goes," that isn't the case, and the wizarding world actually does have a certain logic and boundaries to it.


General Questions

What is a MUX?

The word is an acronym for Multi-User eXperience. It's a text-based role-playing environment, with an emphasis on story and social interaction (like a MUSH) as well as a reliance on strong game system mechanics for handling tasks and conflicts (like a MUD). MU* is a common way to refer to all of these types of games. For an excellent introducing to MU*s, check out this MUSHing 101 Tutorial.

So it's basically like a MUD?

Not really, no. Most MUDs (Multi-User Dungeons) are much more heavily focused on game mechanics, combat, and adventuring. These things still exist on Witchcraft and Wizardry, but they frequently take a backseat to storytelling. If you've come here with only MUD experience, expect the style of play to be very different.

I have a question. Should I page staff about it?

In most cases, it's best to take it to the Questions channel. Staff monitors this channel, as does the community, which is generally very good at giving useful answers. Plus, your question and the subsequent answers will often be useful to someone else in the community that reads it.

If it is truly a private matter (bearing in mind the level of transparency on WiWi), you can page Boo. Just don't be put out if she asks you to take your question to the Questions channel. It just means that the question is something that doesn't require privacy, and that the community can benefit from.

If there is something you need, such as fixing a bug, information about research your character is doing, or an expenditure of Brownies, please put it into a +request. This creates a job on a list that is examined by staff several times a day. This really is the best way for staff to keep track of what needs to be handled.

Many of the answers you are looking for can be found right here on the wiki, or in game help files. In particular, some answers are within the very policies that you were required to +accept before progressing into character generation. Be certain to read those policies thoroughly, as it becomes quickly evident when someone has not.

What is the game's time scale?

The game is on 1:1 time, where one real life day equal one IC day. The actual time of day is set to GMT, but we tend to play fast and loose with that, and people run scenes at the time of day that is convenient for them.

Can I use animated GIFs on my wiki page?

We try to create a certain look and feel for the wiki, including maintaining a certain level of "professional" quality. As such, after some consideration, it has been decided that animated GIFs will not be allowed on the wiki, with one exception. Animated GIFs of one's Actor, meant to simulate moving wizard photographs, may be allowed if tasteful. By tasteful, we mean minimal movement (not a lot of action or jerky looping), no captions or text of any kind, and good quality images.

How many alts am I allowed?

There is no alt limit, but try not to go overboard. Character creation can be fun, but keep in mind that every new application requires staff attention, and nobody can keep a huge stable of characters active.

How is character death handled?

Not lightly, but it can happen. This game follows the classic rule: ICA = ICC (In-Character Actions equal In-Character Consequences). But we're never out to kill off a character. We'd rather work with players to handle the consequences of a deadly situation, even if that means giving the character a blaze of glory to go out in.

Some areas or plots are more dangerous than others. These are designated with Threat Levels.

How can I get involved?

Ask to be involved! Better yet, start something of your own. We encourage player-run plots, and we have handy +rp and +events tools in game for advertising scenes. Don't see a scene going on that you think your character would be interested in? Start one! For more suggestions on how to get involved in things, check out our page on Finding Role-Play.

Did you see that squirrel?

I did not. Squirrels are quite fast. Also, though they may seem cute, they can be dangerous. Keep your distance.

Why can I see others' stats and backgrounds?

This game has complete transparency, including which alts a player has. While there are still some secrets out there, for the most part, everything is available to read OOC. Naturally, this does not give license to use that information IC. To see another character's information in game, use the +finger, +sheet, and +bg commands.

What's with all the weird names?

Other than some wizards having unusual names, you may be referring to our Player bits. We encourage players with multiple characters to create a Player name to use as a singular identity on our public OOC channels. We ask that these bits are given names that can't be easily mistaken for a character name. To see all of the player bits currently logged in and who their characters are, use the +whop command.

Do you have rules on pose-length?

Nope. The notion that the length of a pose is a measure of its quality is rather short-sighted. A pose's content determines its quality. Give people something to work with, and it really doesn't matter how long or short a pose is. You might write a pose twenty lines long, but if it's devoid of a hook for others to respond to, it does nothing to move the scene forward.

What is the 3-Pose Rule?

You may have heard this term bandied about in a scene's OOC chatter. Simply put, the 3-Pose Rule, or 3PR, means that rather than a set pose order, you can freely pose if it's been three poses since your last one. Usually when it's five or more players in a scene, 3PR takes effect to help keep things flowing.

Where are my pants?

Witchcraft and Wizardry is not responsible for keeping track of pants, jeans, trousers, slacks, skirts, undergarments, or any other article of clothing of its players. Please keep your pants on at all times.

How co I claim a Roster character

See our Roster page for instructions on claiming a Roster character.

How do I create a new spell?

New spells can either be OOC creations (in which case they are available to anyone to learn), or your own character's invention (in which case your character is the first wizard to possess the spell). In either case, refer to our rules on creating new spells.

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