Edwin Pearson
Portrayed by Cole Sprouse
Name: Edwin Malcolm Pearson
Birthday: October 27th, 2000
Origin: Wizard
Role: Student
Affiliation: Rocklin High School
Title: Senior
Resources: ●● Comfortable




  • Adventurous:
  • Independent:
  • Inventive:
  • Silver Tongue: Edwin despises small talks and tends to show great boldness in the use of language, enhancing his power of conviction through a meaningful yet concise speech.

Story Hooks

Connections, leads, and goals that can potentially generate role-play.

  • Architecture: Both modern and revivalist styles have caught Edwin's attention at some point, always looking for new genres that serve as inspiration for his imaginary buildings. In terms of architects, Frank Lloyd Wright stands as one of his favorites.
  • Cardistry: Edwin carries a deck of cards that uses to perform dexterity tricks, but doesn't display his skills very often. For practising, he usually searches a quiet spot in the woods.
  • Classic vehicles: Young Pearson professes a strong fascination for old automobiles and aircrafts, which is reflected in much of his artistic production.
  • Flight: The first time he mounted a broom, Edwin experienced freedom like never before. Up to this day, the skies are the only place where he's been able to feel that sense of freedom.
  • Nature: Over the years, Edwin has developed deep fondness for outdoors and its wildlife. Either for seeking adventure, inspiration or just a little piece of mind, the forests of Mythic Wood have always provided him with what he was looking for.
  • Sketching and Modelling:


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