Members of Earthchild

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Aside from Haven itself, the most important result of the 1967 anti-logging protest was the founding of Earthchild — a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of the environment.

Earthchild began as little more than a formal name for the group of protestors fighting the aggressive new logging policies of Rocklin Lumber. In the wake of their victory, many of the protestors formalized the group into a foundation to defend Oregon against deforestation. The budding community of Haven became the natural headquarters for the foundation, and has remained so to this day, existing as a kind of floating organization with no formal offices, functioning out of the homes of its leaders and members. These days, large meetings and events are often held in town at the Community Center.

In the late 1990s, Earthchild benefited from a new social awareness of environmental issues, thanks to the efforts of then-Vice President Al Gore. The foundation was able to expand its reach beyond Oregon's borders, and now there are offices in California, Colorado, Montana, Texas, Hawaii, Alaska, Florida, and Washington D.C. Each branch office has considerable independence, so long as they abide by the foundation charter. Though their interests are all based in the United States, Earthchild often works with other charitable organizations to support overseas efforts.

Every three years, representations of all of Earthchild's branches gather in Mythic Wood for a convention, in which large projects are discussed, and the charter is reviewed and updated. This time always turns into something of an event for all of Mythic Wood. The city regularly puts together a street fair to facilitate businesses that want to take advantage of the influx of customers. The Tribal Alliance typically gets in on this with their own craft booths and cultural demonstrations. Eos has taken to sponsoring the event, using it as an opportunity to network and expand their own market. This has led to a positive relationship between Eos and Earthchild. All in all, the Earthchild convention is always an economic boon for the town.

Mission Statement

Earthchild's primary focus is environmental conservation. They are extremely active in protesting and lobbying against heavy logging operations. They were instrumental in getting Oregon laws changed to protect its forests, an act that also led to widespread job loss as the lumber industry suffered.

Aside from land preservation, Earthchild has a number of other programs:

  • Promoting green energy. Haven itself is full of solar panels, thanks to Earthchild.
  • Organic food. They believe strongly in the need for sustainable farming and gardening practices.
  • Animal rescue and protection. Earthchild works with many animal shelters to provide veterinary care and adoption services. They are also heavily involved in protecting wild animals and their habitats, and rehabilitating rescues for reintroduction to the wild.
  • Educational programs for children, teaching them about all of the above. These usually take the form of sending Earthchild members to schools for special assemblies, accompanied by workshops that interested students can sign up for.
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