Darcy MacIasgair
Portrayed by Chloe Moretz
Name: Darcy MacIasgair
Birthday: Feburary 21, 2001
Origin: Blig
Role: Student
Affiliation: Rocklin Highschool
Title: Sophmore
Resources: ●● Comfortable



Darcy was never meant to be a part of the MacIasgairs, or so she likes to proclaim. She doesn't fit in at all and is quite different from the rest of them. She hates the water, dislikes the smell of fish and living amongst fisherman makes that an interesting predicament. Her mother married the older Ernest MacIasgair after his wife passed away not a few years before due to a fishing accident. This left Ernest with a toddler boy he had no one to care for and he sought after Justine Renard for some time. They saw each other on occasion but Justine was more of a free spirit and it took several years but finally she agreed to marry him quite abruptly.

Not nine months later and Darcy was born, right there in one of the bedrooms off the Bait Shop due to a freak winter storm. A healthy blonde baby girl joined the clan. She grew up to be the black sheep, keeping her distance from the usual traditions though her mother could be said to do the same. Justine and her daughter did not quite fit the mold of the family and where her mother was able to deal with these differences to a degree, Darcy fought them at every turn, becoming somewhat rebellious and withdrawn. As her daughter aged and no longer needed her mother Justine and Ernest had more squabbles, disagreements and often Justine would disappear for a night or two always with Ernest concerned for her safety. She always returned though.

Miles. Miles and Darcy were like oil and water and with the adoration of his father, Miles often had the higher ground; not to mention being older. Darcy's life thus far has been a series of square holes to her round peg.

Story Hooks

  • Squib: The most glaring blight on her life. Darcy was born a Squib to a wizarding family.
  • Bait Shop: She's one of the infamous clan MacIasgair, fisherman who own the local bait shop. She often smells like fish due to living right in the store.
  • Highschool: She's currently a freshmen at the local high school.


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Miles MacIasgair Miles MacIasgair
"Half Brother: Dad's son before he and mom got hitched. We don't really get along. He's sort of a prick.
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