Daphne Rocklin
Portrayed by Taylor Momsen
Name: Daphne Katarina Rocklin
Birthday: September 18, 2001
Origin: Blig
Role: Student
Affiliation: Rocklin High School
Title: Sophomore
Resources: ●●●● Rich


A girl of medium height, with a figure that is blossoming into young womanhood. She usually wear her pale, golden hair long and loose, though carefully brushed and styled with a light wave. She is fair-skinned, but with a healthy blush to her complexion. Pink, heart-shaped lips seldom smile, and her steely blue eyes often seem cold and dispassionate.


Even before she was born, Daphne was a troubled child. Her mother's pregnancy was fraught with difficulty, and the baby herself was diagnosed with an unidentified immunodeficiency disorder. The doctors were forced to deliver her early via cesarian section, and she spent the first several months of her life in an incubation chamber. Her parents spared no expense preparing their home to be a sterile and safe environment for their daughter. She was required to remain largely isolated, and received daily injections to bolster her against illness or infection. Most of her time was spent in her bedroom, often in front of an easel. On the rare occasions that she ventured outdoors, she never went farther than the family's gardens, and then always with a nurse immediately on hand.

It was not until the age of 10 that Daphne's doctors declared that her immune system was finally acting on its own, her treatments a success. However, she was still required to have regular tests to make certain her disorder does not recur. Her parents remained extremely protective, and it was a constant struggle for Daphne to achieve the freedoms enjoyed by other youths. Unsurprisingly, Daphne chafed against her parents smothering, but she knew that if she openly rebelled, they would become all the more restrictive. So she learned how to manipulate and deceive her parents, allowing them to enjoy the illusion of control.

Daphne's early seclusion and pampering left her lacking some essential social skills. She was given nearly everything she desired, and that which was denied to her she learned to acquire by way of lying and manipulation. In some ways, this served her well as she navigated life at school and in the community. Her wealth and status attracted certain others, but even Daphne eventually came to realize how shallow these relationships were. Even those that tried to genuinely befriend her have found Daphne unable or unwilling to reciprocate. As a result, she gained a reputation for unkindness that isn't entirely undeserved.

Underneath it all, Daphne is an artist at heart. Her only true joy comes from having a paintbrush in her hand, pouring her soul onto a canvas. Despite a common interest, she hasn't connected with other artists at school. She expects them to be insincere, just as they expect her to be cruel and supercilious. So when she paints, Daphne is isolated in her own world of colors and shapes. As a child, her paintings were her window into what she imagined the world to be like, a place full of beauty and whimsy. As she grew older, her works evolved into surreal depictions of impossible and sometimes disturbing imagery.

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