Dr. Damien Webster
Portrayed by Tom Cavanagh
Name: Dr. Damien Webster
Birthday: March 22, 1969
Origin: Wizard-born
Role: Scientist
Affiliation: Eos
Title: Director of Eos Medical Research and Application Center (EMRAC)
Resources: ●●●● Affluent


This middle-aged man stands at a lanky six feet in height. His slightly olive complexion is healthy, but showing the deeper lines that come with his years. Sharp, blue-grey eyes stare right through everything with the cold precision of a scalpel, the effect only amplified by a smart pair of eyeglasses. His dark brown hair is clipped in a short style, so even when somewhat disheveled it looks maintained. His voice is low and husky, with a timber to it that commands attention, even when speaking calmly and quietly.

Damien is dressed in a black, long-sleeved shirt, dark gray slacks, and sensible, slip-resistant sneakers. The only adornment on his person is a subtle chain around his neck that disappears under his shirt. An observant person might notice the bulge of some kind of pendant under his collar.


Growing up without magic in a wizarding home was never easy for Damien Webster. His parents were deeply disappointed in his lack of ability. When their second child was summoned to Ilvermorny, it became just another thing to shame Damien. Faced with constant criticism, Damien was driven to excel and earn his parents' respect and approval. He studied hard, did reasonably well in sports, and never got into trouble, but it never quite seems to be enough. When he received his acceptance letter from Harvard Medical School, his parents were aghast. No son of theirs was going to become some butcher! The absolute rejection of his achievement was the last straw for Damien; he stormed out of the house that day, and would not return for many years. Fortunately, he had scholarships to get his foot in the door and get him through the first year of school. He could get a job and loans to pay the rest later.


During his years at the university, Damien had no time for a social life. When he wasn't studying, he was working as many jobs as he could juggle to make certain he'd be able to continue paying tuition. He was a regular fixture in the library and computer lab. He barely even spoke to his dorm roommate. Even before college he had never been particularly skilled at making friends, so the loner lifestyle suited him fine. That is, until he met Emma.


In 1994, Damien was selected to attend a conference on clinical genetics in London. During his stay, he spotted a women hurriedly climbing into a taxi, and noticed that she had dropped something on the street, accidentally leaving it behind. When he went to pick it up, he recognized it immediately as a magical wand. Understanding the importance of it, he set off running after the taxi. After ten blocks, he managed to reach it while stopped at an intersection. Breathless, exhausted, and bleeding from a cut acquired when he clipped a bus, he returned the wand to a very grateful witch.

The woman introduced herself as Emma Saunders and insisted that Damien get into the taxi so she could tend to him and thank him properly. Emma took him to a pleasant little pub called the Leaky Cauldron, where she bought him a meal and magically healed his wound. Damien was overcome by her compassion, her humor, and her sweet manner, and he quickly fell head over heels for this kind, clumsy witch.

Damien and Emma began a long-distance relationship, but before long she came to visit him for a few weeks in the United States. Emma brought a brightness and unpredictability to Damien's life that he'd never known, and he found it intoxicating. It was her idea to marry, and though Damien was not prone to impulsiveness, he could deny her nothing. They were wed within days, and Damien arranged to complete his schooling in England.


Casualty of War

Damien and Emma complemented one another well; he was grounded and organized, while she was whimsical and chaotic. They were truly happy…until the return the of the Dark Lord. He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, Voldemort, had arisen again, stirring panic in the wizarding world. By 1998, the Ministry of Magic had been taken over by his followers, the Death Eaters. Laws were passed oppressing Muggle-born wizards and witches like Emma. The couple made plans to flee to America, but the Death Eaters were on the lookout for Muggle-born trying to escape. They were accosted on the way to the airport, and when Emma drew her wand to protect Damien, a Death Eater struck her with the most Unforgivable Curse: the Killing Curse. Damien howled in anguish, cradling her body. He readied himself for death, knowing what the Death Eaters thought of "squibs" like him. But their leader merely spat on him and said: "There is nothing I could do to you that would be worse than your miserable existence without magic."

The Second Wizarding War ended mere days later with the Battle of Hogwarts, but for Damien the war carried on. When Emma died, it was as though she took some part of him with her. He became more distant and cynical, though deep inside burned a cold fire.

Even as Damien grieved for his wife, the Death Eater's words gnawed at his mind. The wizard was right; Damien felt so utterly insignificant, so powerless. If he had magic, he might have been able to save Emma's life. But for an accident of birth, he was little more than an ant to those wizards.

Fire of the Gods

After completing his schooling, Damien returned to America and dedicated himself completely to the field of genetics. It was obvious to him that there was a genetic component in the difference between wizards and bligs. Magic was an undeniable force, so why could only a select few use it? It seemed unlikely that the strongest humans would remain the genetic minority after untold generations. So he hypothesized that the "wizard gene" (more likely a series of genes) existed in every human being, but it was only activated in a rare few. If he could isolate it, then maybe he could finally close the power gap between wizards and bligs. If he was correct, a mere wizard-born might gift magic to the entire world like a modern Prometheus.

Dr. Webster announces the opening of EMRAC

Dr. Webster's early work involved the study of the genetics of abnormally gifted people — savants, geniuses, and the like. Of course, this was just the groundwork for his grander plan to find the genetic traits that open the door to magic, and whether they exist in normal bligs. He paid particular attention to cases in which he could cross-reference paranormal activity. If a subject or their ancestors had a supernatural experience, or were in the vicinity of such an event, they quietly became a top priority for Damien's studies. By 2006, he had come across three different cases that all had some kind of connection to an unknown little town in Oregon called Mythic Wood. The following year, Dr. Webster accepted a position in the town's hospital as a physician and genetics specialist.

When the hospital's Chief of Medicine put together a proposal for the Eos Corporation to fund a hospital renovation, Damien came along to add his own pitch. He proposed that Eos could benefit greatly from Dr. Randall's renovation project if they also established a research center on the hospital campus, citing how the worlds of software and medical technology were becoming inextricably linked, and it was therefore a natural extension of the technology Eos would be developing. This proved to be what sealed the deal; the hospital was updated to a state-of-the-art facility, and Eos opened a brand new division on the site. Recognizing his talent and passion, the company hired Damien to be the Director of the new Eos Medical Research and Application Center (EMRAC).

Dr. Webster's new position empowered him to pursue his research like never before. He had vast resources, very little oversight, and a valley full of highly valuable test subjects with varying degrees of magical blood. While most of the work conducted at EMRAC was classified, he was relatively open with the wizarding community about his studies into a link between genetics and magic — though not about his desire to give magic to everyone. Some wizards laugh at the very notion, but others that embrace bliggish science see the merit in his claims, and have actively participated in his studies.

Story Hooks

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  • EMRAC Director: Dr. Webster is the head of Eos's medical research division, EMRAC (Eos Medical Research and Application Center).
  • Local Doctor: Before being hired by Eos, Damien worked at Valley Hospital as a practitioner and genetics specialist for nearly five years. Sometimes he still fills in at the hospital if the help is needed.
  • The Science of Magic: Damien actively studies the connection between magical potential and genetics. He is always looking for people willing to participate in his research, especially wizards. Sometimes this is just a matter of giving genetic samples, while sometimes it means measuring biological processes that occur when a wizard uses magic (a difficult prospect, given how magic tends to interfere with the devices used to measure those processes). Either way, it's worth some extra money in the subject's pocket.

Character Diamond

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Damien views the world through a lens of cynicism, having learned how rare a truly loving and altruistic person is.
When Damien sets a goal for himself, he is relentless in his pursuit of it, even to the point of self-destruction.
"Humility must be sacrificed on the altar of genius", is one of Damien's favorite phrases. He is fully aware of his own arrogance, but accepts it as an inescapable trait of an ambitious man who has any hope of achieving his lofty goals.
Methodical, patient, and observant, Damien's greatest strength is his mind. There is no decision or piece of data that he does not consider deeply the ramifications of.



Emma Webster (Deceased)
Wife: Damien met Emma when he was in London for a genetics conference. They fell hard for each other, and enjoyed four years together before she was killed by Death Eaters in the Second Wizarding War.

Dr. Bob Randall

Dr. Bob Randall
Dr. Randall used to be Damien's boss. Now he is a contemporary. While the two never really became friends, there is a professional respect between them.


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