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Life in Mythic Wood

Mythic Wood is a small town, but it is far from typical in that respect. With so many varied influences on the local culture, it is a rather progressive and inclusive community overall. Its population includes people of a wide variety of races, creeds, and orientations. Though there are certainly some that would prefer a more homogeneous local culture, these people remain in the minority.

Mythic Wood has a strong economy, largely thanks to the Eos corporation setting up shop in 2012. There are very few homeless in the town, and most are either just passing through, or part of the local color and looked after by the residents. Jobs are plentiful, primarily provided by Eos or the lumber mill.

Eos's investments in the town have improved the quality of life in other ways, such as renovating the hospital to a state-of-the-art medical center, expanding school programs, and wiring the whole town with ultra high-speed internet for free.

Wizards in the Valley

The average day of a wizard isn't all that different from a blig's. They wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, go shopping, go to work, take care of the family, and so on and so forth. What is different is how they go about these tasks. Magic is pervasive in the wizarding world, and while wizards don't use magic for everything, it does tend to be present in some form or another wherever they go. That said, in Mythic Wood things are heavily integrated, so the magic tends to be subtler and wizards have learned to do many things the bliggish way.

In the Old World, wizards tend to cling to a way of life from the bygone past. In America, and especially Mythic Wood, wizards do their best to go unnoticed among the non-magical population, rather than hiding away from it. As a result, American wizards are usually much more familiar with bliggish ways and customs.

The one area where they sometimes have difficulty is with technology — particularly electrical devices. Magic has a way of interfering with the normal behavior of electricity, making it difficult for wizards to use a lot of modern devices.

The Weirdness of Mythic Wood

Social Status and Prejudice

Blood Status

Gender Roles



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