Character and Player Creation

There are several steps in the Character Creation process. This string of links and their correlating rooms in-game are to help ease through the process.

Step 1: +Finger Step 2: Attributes Step 3: Skills Step 4: Merits Step 4: Advantages Step 5: Magic Step 6: Wiki

There are two kinds of "Bits" one can have here in the Witchcraft and Wizardry Community; Character Bits and Player Bits. Characters are exactly that, Characters that are taken through the creation processes beginning to end, sent in for approval and eventually joins the in-character antics that go on upon the "Grid". Please see the link below for an overview of the Character
Creation Process.

Player Bits are an Out Of Character (OOC) vessel that only needs to do the commands found here before heading to the Offstage Area to hang out and be a part of the game's community. Player Bits are excellent Bits to use to keep OOC chatter out of RP windows. If someone has many Alts, a Player Bit allows people to identify who plays who and allows ease of contacting said person.

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