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If you need to create a new page that doesn't use a template, simply type the title of your page into the address bar of your browser, like so: Wikidot will then tell you that the page doesn't exist. Just click the provided "Create page" link and you'll be put into edit mode for your new page. Note that the page won't exist until you have saved it at least once.

To create a new log page:

  • Fill out the fields as shown below.
  • The new log will automatically be linked to the log page and have a "log" tag (and a "flashback" tag as appropriate).
  • Add appropriate tags:
    • Tag the names of characters in the scene.
      • If you want to tag characters that are mentioned, or might be in the background, use the format: "re:firstname-lastname". So, a scene in which two characters talk a lot about Bobbyjoe McGuckitt could be tagged "re:bobbyjoe-mcguckitt".
    • Add tags for locations in the scene, using grid coordinates (e.g. location:g-1-a). The scene took place off-grid, no location tag is needed.

Optional Tools

  • Faraday designed a nifty Log Cleaner that automatically formats log files, removing most of the OOC, pages, etc.
  • Here's another handy, optional tool to properly capitalize your log titles automatically. Be sure you don't have a space at the end of the title, or it won't properly capitalize the final word.

Create Your Log

Log titles should start with the IC date, in the form: (2018-02-22) Log Title

Example Log Format

 [[include LogInfoBox
  | title=Shrimp Dinner
  | summary=Bob and Sheila have a really nice shrimp dinner.
  | date=2/22/2017
  | location=Chez Boux Restaurant
  | related=[ Date Night]
 [[include LogPlayerTop]]
 [[include LogIcon name=bob-jones]]
 [[include LogIcon name=sheila-johnson]]
 [[include LogPlayerBottom]]

 It was the best of shrimp, it was the worst of shrimp...
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