The icons without borders represent active characters. The icons with a gold border represent roster characters, while those with a red border indicate those that are still in character generation. Characters that linger for a long time in character generation are placed in the Fridge.


People of Mythic Wood that are not specifically associated with one of the organizations below.

Elias Whitefeather Gabriel Torre de la Vega Hope Booth Kayleigh Casteel Kelby Knight Penelope Parker Penny Booth

Public Servants

Includes members of government, public library employees, the Sheriff's Office, Fire Department, etc.

Bob Randall Davis Allen Ernie Kuroda George Weatherall Red Holt


Rocklin High School

Rocklin Faculty

Hakem Stone Nora Vance

Rocklin Students

Caroline "Trip" Tripwell Darcy MacIasgair Finn Callahan Miles Maciasgair Parker Reed

Walker Middle School

Walker Faculty

Walker Students

Antoin Holmes Casey Hopki Zoey Callahan

Tribal Alliance

The Southern Oregon Tribal Alliance is a conglomeration of of many local tribes.

Cameron Walker Thorn Running Wolf Walter Whitefeather

Religious Institutions

Jonah Peterson


This community of free spirits sprung out of an environmental protest that turned permanent.

Grace Reed

Iron Brigade Motorcycle Club

The Iron Brigade has been around since the Second World War. While they represent a criminal element, the are also seen a kind of local militia that has demonstrated a willingness to protect the town from external threats.

Butch Young Grayson Weatherall Thorn Running Wolf

Business Owners

Lenny Milano Meaghan Lowrey Miranda Koroslev Vera Strauss

Ranches and Farms

Cameron Walker Gabriel Torre de la Vega

Hill Folk

The Lestrange Family

Stygia Lestrange
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