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Bunny Bundy Davis Beauregard Hope Booth Jonah Peterson Kendra Lee Linda Kuroda Matthew Gaines Pamela Weatherall Shelly Bundy Sybilla Mulciber Violet Rocklin

Magical Beings

Mythic Wood is a magical place and in it live magical beings. These are but a few of the notable local Beings.

Tags: magical-being

Edgar Walker Kah Wuhl Tex

Public Servants

Includes members of the government, public library employees, doctors, and nurses at the hospital, the Sheriff's Department, Fire Department, etc.

Tags: affiliation:government affiliation:sheriff's-office affiliation:fire-department affiliation:valley-hospital

Bob Randall Davis Allen Ernie Kuroda George Weatherall Red Holt

Business Owners

One of the great things about Mythic Wood is that for the most part the town is filled with "Mom & Pop" shops and local family-run businesses. Those listed below are the owners of the commercial properties in town.

Tags: business-owner

Fjord Knudsen Giovanni Blanchard Jeb MacIasgair Lenny Milano Lorenzo Benedetti Mandy Benski Mercy Morgan Naomi Kuroda Selina Grey Vera Strauss

Ranches and Farms

Along the southern side of the town's residential area is several large properties zoned for agriculture and/or livestock. These are the people that work the land in Mythic Wood Valley.

Tags: affiliation:walker-ranch affiliation:tower-ranch affiliation:elkhorn-winery

Cameron Walker Gabriel Torre de la Vega Kelby Knight Mikey Garcia Rupert Knight

Rocklin Lumber

The mill was the beating heart of Mythic Wood for over a century. Even today, it is the second largest employer in the town, and a great many townsfolk feel a loyalty to the company borne of many generations of their families' being supported by it.

Tags: affiliation:rocklin-lumber

Dave Callahan Everett Rocklin Jon Booth


One wouldn't expect a state-of-the-art technology company in a small town like Mythic Wood, but the multi-billion dollar Eos Corporation established its corporate headquarters there.

Tags: affiliation:eos

Eric Mason Felix Wicks Jen Yeun Kyle Rankin Lyra Young Soleil Cassidy


Rocklin High School

Rocklin High School is quite transformed from the one room school house that was once on this site. It is named after the family that paid for its new construction. These are the people that administer and teach and attend this school. These are the Ravens!

Rocklin Faculty

Tags: affiliation:rocklin-high-school -role:student

Hakem Stone Nora Vance Penny Booth

Rocklin Students

Tags: affiliation:rocklin-high-school +role:student

Cady Harmon Edwin Pearson Liam Callahan Parker Reed Portia Rocklin Samantha Wicks Saoirse Knight Ty Paris

Walker Middle School

Walker Faculty

Tags: affiliation:walker-middle-school -role:student

Penny Booth

Walker Students

Tags: affiliation:walker-middle-school +role:student

Casey Hopki Ronan Riley Zoey Callahan

Southern Oregon Tribal Alliance

The Southern Oregon Tribal Alliance, or SOTA, is a conglomeration of many tribes.

Tags: affiliation:sota

Briar Tully Cameron Walker Elias Whitefeather Elizabeth Metcalf Tessa Whitefeather Thorn Running Wolf Uma Hanis Walter Whitefeather


This environmentalist non-profit grew out of the protests in the 60s that also gave birth to the Haven community. Many residents of Haven are part of Earthchild, though their membership does stretch beyond that neighborhood.

Tags: affiliation:earthchild

Cameron Walker Grace Reed Mandy Benski

Iron Brigade Motorcycle Club

The Iron Brigade has been around since the Second World War. While they represent a criminal element, they are also seen a kind of local militia that has demonstrated a willingness to protect the town from external threats.

Tags: affiliation:iron-brigade

Butch Young Caleb Jeansonne Fjord Knudsen Grayson Weatherall Raff Hopki Reverie Stargazer Thorn Running Wolf

People of the Eastern Hills

The Hillfolk of the Eastern hills are all NPCs that are more often than not antagonists.

Hillman Clan

Willard Hillman

The Lestrange Family

Stygia Lestrange
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